Samsung Business SR650 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Samsung Business SR650 is a business oriented monitor that delivers a clear picture that can be orientated however you see fit, even vertically. Featured in our Best Vertical Monitor and Best Computer Monitors list, the SR650 series can help bring focus while not having to worry about flickering or an uncomfortable viewing angle.

Why We Like It – Samsung Business SR650

The Samsung Business SR650 is a solid choice for those who want to maximize work productivity without spending extra on unnecessary features. Simple but still effective, this monitor delivers a full picture without sacrificing too much.

  • Virtually bezel-less screen
  • Stand allows for an unprecedented amount of movement
  • Eye Saver feature reduces screen flicker
  • No speakers
  • Base is difficult to attach to screen and feels un-secure


Sporting an IPS panel with an LED screen, the SR650 performs above and beyond the needs of the business workplace. Energy-star certified, you can take advantage of its screen size without worrying about power usage. Additionally, SR650 series features an Eco Saving feature that reduces 10% of total power consumption without detracting from picture quality.

Our Samsung CF391 32-inch curved monitor review may not be eco-friendly, but it certainly has a larger, curved screen and many nice features you won’t see on the Samsung Business display.

Regarding display quality, the Samsung Business SR650 has a 75hz refresh rate. Coupled with a 1080 resolution, it should be able to present a crisp display that matches the BenQ PD2700Q.

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Viewing Angle

While most business monitors’ best viewing angles are only at the front, the SR650 series offers a bezel-less screen for a great view practically no matter where you look. Color shades and tones are accurate for up to 170 degrees without any washing. The included mount can swivel a wide range, as well as tilt and pivot to the need of the user. Like the Dell UltraSharp U2515H, the Samsung Business SR650 can be set up to support dual monitors, further extending your viewing angle.

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Sporting a bezel-less screen, the Samsung Business SR650 offers a screen size of either 24 or 27 inches. The weight of the monitor can range from 18 pounds or less, making this one of the more weighty business monitors. Most of it is due to the included mount, which unfortunately is a tad too difficult to attach to the screen; even then wobbles and doesn’t feel secure when placed vertically. Fortunately, the monitor has VESA support, meaning if you have a compatible mount, you can easily replace the standard one included.

If you are looking for something more solid, we recommend the ASUS Vertical Monitor VN279QL.


Even if the SR650 series does not have a speaker built-in, the Samsung Business SR650 features an audio and headphone jack, meaning all your auditory needs should be fulfilled. Alongside those, the IPS panel also features a USB 3.0 B type port, two USB 2.0 ports, DP, HDMI, and RBG, offering several ways to connect to the monitor.


The Samsung Business SR650 is a fantastic business monitor that offers a full picture and resolution for a fair price. While this may be good for those who are business orientated, outside of work-related tasks there’s not much else to offer. While it may not possess the high specs of gaming rigs, it has no need to. Its features and price are meant for those who simply want a no-frills monitor that gets the job done.

Samsung Business SR650 Wrap Up

Simple, effective, versatile, the Samsung Business SR650 is all that and more. Featuring a bezel-less screen and fantastic viewing angles, the SR650 series even supports dual monitors, allowing you to adjust however you see fit. The included eye saver feature reduces flickering, making for a smooth viewing experience. Despite not having any speakers, and the included base being too flimsy for our tastes, these problems are easily solved with an audio jack and VESA compatibility. Overall, the Samsung Business SR650 is an obvious choice for those who want a simplified but powerful monitor.

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