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If the best monitor for Mac Mini is something big, with the right ports and features, and has a great price, the Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Costco should be the winner. Curved monitors might be a gimmick, but do offer a comfortable, immersive experience. It has good contrast and even sports HDMI and DisplayPort.

Why We Like It – Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Costo

Large and in charge, the Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Costco has all the bells and whistles your run-of-the-mill monitor needs: good contrast, VESA mountable, and modern graphics connectors.

  • Good contrast ratio & viewing angles
  • Has DisplayPort + HDMI
  • Can be VESA mounted
  • Screen size is starting to stretch its image
  • Only tilts up & down


With a contrast ratio of 5000:1, the Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Costco are a step up from the average 3000:1 ratio. White appears brighter, while black coloring is darker, shaper without being just dark grey. Refresh rate is your standard 60Hz, displaying in 1080p. On a 32-inch monitor, that looks fine, but it’s starting to stretch the image. The ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD is 5 inches smaller, but displays its 1440p resolution beautifully.

Viewing Angle

Since this is a curved monitor, you’re meant to view it head on. It defeats the purpose if you seat off to the side. However, it’s also a VA panel, so if you lean one way or another, you won’t see a drop in picture quality.


Hard plastic and sleek, but generic in design. It has only tilt, up and down, but makes up for it through VESA mounting. The Dell Ultrasharp U2415 offers way more maneuverability before resorting to alternative mounting.

Ports & Expandability

In this day and age, finding a monitor with both HDMI and DisplayPort can be a pain, oftentimes resorting to one or the other. Thankfully, the Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor has both. The 5W speakers are okay, but nothing fancy. There’s an audio jack to quickly replace them as soon as possible.


Taking into consideration performance and design, the Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Costco is your run-of-the-mill monitor with a gimmicky design. It can be a competent gaming monitor, but will also do just fine expanding your viewing space on a Mac Mini. More importantly, it’s asking price is $245, which is a great deal for its two graphic ports and size. For gaming though, the Asus TUF VG27AQ is better equipped.

Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Costo Wrap Up

It isn’t that the Samsung 32 Inch Curved Monitor Costco is bad, it’s simply straightforward in its purpose: a 1080p monitor stretched on a 32-inch, curved screen. It’s nice to look at, has the right kind of ports for any modern setup, and it’s priced perfectly. In other words: an ideal budget option for someone who doesn’t want any extra nonsense.

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