Saints Row 3 Cheats to Get Your Rampage On

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Updated June 27, 2022

We collected some of the best Saints Row 3 Cheats to jack up your notoriety and use fully upgraded weapons, powerful vehicles, and a near invincible character to survive the oncoming rushes of enemies.

Saints Row is a wacky, open world gang simulator that uses a notoriety bar to track how badly enemy gangs or the police want to kill you. The higher the bar the more swat cars, chaingun wielding luchadors or police helicopters get sent to take you down.

For some background, the Saints Row franchise had the player take control of the Third Street Saints as they begin to conquer their native town of Stillwater. In this recent edition, Saints Row 3, the Saints are thrown into a brand new, gang-riddled, metropolis called Steelport. And there’s no better way to make an introduction than a good old fashioned street rampage! Take out?

It is important to note that all Saints Row 3 cheat codes work for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They unlock random, wacky effects that disable achievements and auto-saving when activated. So please save your game beforehand and have lots of fun!

Entering Cheats into Saints Row 3

To enter a Saints Row 3 Cheat open up your personal phone through the select button on the Xbox and PlayStation or use the tab button on PC.

Step 1: From your in-game PDA navigate to and select the Extras button. Seen here in the bottom right corner:

Cheat Guide Step 1

Step 2: Choose Cheats on the sub-menu.

Cheat Guide Step 2

Step 3: Choose Add Cheat.

Cheat Guide Step 3

Step 4: Enter the code you wish to use. For this example, we chose cheese to instantly receive $100,000.

Cheat Guide Step 4

Step 5: This last photo shows what could be your list of cheats after following this guide.

Saints Row 3 Cheats
Cheat Guide Step 5

Now that you know how to enter cheats we have organized our favorites into 6 categories below.

Neighbors Cheats

To start our rampage use one of these cheat codes below to add some style or chaos to the streets! Personally, I prefer zombies. After altering our Stillwater citizens, alter their post-death animations! Want bloody explosions? Use notrated to cause body explosion upon death! Or, if you want something more saintly, enter fryhole to send all those bodies floating to their heavenly home.

Cheat CodeEffect
duiDrunk Pedestrians
hohohoPedestrians become Pimps and Prostitutes
mascotPedestrians become Mascots
brainsPedestrians become Zombies
notratedPeople Explode upon Death
fryholeCorpses Float to Heaven

Weather Cheats

If the weather isn’t to your liking use any of the following cheats to match your ideal day:

Cheat CodeEffect
clearskiesSunny weather
overcastCloudy weather
lightrainRainy weather
heavyrainVery Stormy weather

Prepare Your Saint Cheats

This step involves the weapons, vehicles or upgrades needed to survive the intense challenge of high notoriety.

First, let’s use the Saints Row 3 infinite ammo and unlocking all weapons cheat with letsrock. Be sure to visit an armory or hideout to change your weapons.

Next we need money to upgrade these weapons. Enter and spam the cheese cheat to get $100,000 until you can afford a maxed out weapon list.

whatitmeanstome is the Saints Row 3 Respect cheat. In this game franchise, respect is your characters experience. Higher respect unlocks useful higher level character skills. Understand that this Saints Row 3 Cheat allows the option to never take damage if activated 10 to 20 times.

If ranking up your character to near superman levels wasn’t enough, use goldengun to give your character one hit kills!

Cheat CodeEffect
letsrockInfinite Ammo and Unlock All Weapons
cheeseGain $100,000
whatitmeanstomeGain Respect
goldengunOne-hit Kills

Get Your Whip Cheats

Saints Row 3 Cheats

Now that the world is prepared and our character is maxed we need a deadly Saints Row 3 vehicle! Looking for a killer helicopter? Try out the giant, deadly Eagle with giveeagle, or the fully loaded Vulture with givevulture and the nimble Tornado with givetornado.  Or try out the mix of helicopter and plane with the hovering VTOLS: the condor, F-69 or tiny Specter. Flying out of the question? Try the deluxe Attrazione, the weaponized hummer Nforcer or the hilarious Gatmobile. An important note is that these cheats add the specific vehicle to your garage, which is accessible at any crib or car mechanic shop.

Cheat CodeEffect
giveeagleSpawns Eagle
givevultureSpawns Vulture
givetornadoSpawns Tornado
givecondorSpawns Condor
givevtolSpawns F-69 Vtol
givespecterSpawns Specter
giveattrazioneSpawns Attrazione
givenforcerSpawns Nforcer
givegatmobileSpawns GatMobile

Prepare for the Worst Cheats

Even with all the uber vehicles and amped skills, prepare the following cheats in case things get out of hand! Just in case thing go to slowly the last two cheats add notoriety to your character.

Cheat CodeEffect
repaircarRepairs your Vehicle
goodygoodyRemoves Police Notoriety
oopsRemoves Gang Notoriety
pissoffpigsAdds Gang Notoriety
lolzAdds Gang Notoriety


After following this guide your rampage should look like this!

Saints Row 3 Cheats
Rampage, mid progress.

Just in case you have a greater appetite for destruction we have included a comprehensive list of all Saints Row 3 cheats:

Cheat CodeEffect
letsrockUnlock all Weapons
golden gunOne-Hit Kills
runfastInfinite Sprint
vroomNo Vehicle Damage
repaircarRepair Car
whatitmeanstomeAdd Respect
pissoffpigsAdd Police Notoriety
lolzAdd Gang Notoriety
goodygoodyNo Police Notoriety
oopsNo Gang Notoriety
giveambulanceSpawn Aumbulance
giveanchorSpawn Anchor
giveattrazioneSpawn Attrazione
givebootleggerSpawn Bootlegger
givechallengerSpawn Challenger
givecommanderSpawn Commander
givecondorSpawn Condor
giveeagleSpawn Eagle
giveestradaSpawn Estrada
givevtolSpawn F69 Vtol
givegatmobileSpawn Gatmobile
givekanedaSpawn Kaneda
givekenshinSpawn Kenshin
giveknoxvilleSpawn Knoxville
givekrukovSpawn Krukov
givemiamiSpawn Miami
givemunicipalSpawn Municipal
givenforcerSpawn Nforcer
givepeacemakerSpawn Peacemaker
givephoenixSpawn Phoenix
givequasarSpawn Quasar
givereaperSpawn Reaper
givesandstormSpawn Sandstorm
givesharkSpawn Shark
givespecterSpawn Specter
givesquasarSpawn Squasar
givestatusquoSpawn Status Quo
givetaxiSpawn Taxi
givetitanSpawn Titan
givetoadSpawn Toad
givetornadoSpawn Tornado
givevortexSpawn Vortex
givevultureSpawn Vulture
givewidowmakerSpawn Widowmaker
givewoodpeckerSpawn Woodpecker
givesheperdGives 45 Sheperd
giveapocaGives Apocafists
givear55Gives AR 55
giveultimaxGives AS3 Ultimax
givebaseballGives Baseball Bat
givechainsawGives Chainsaw
givecybersmgGives Cyber Blaster
Gives Cyber Buster
Gives D4TH Blossom
giveelectricGives Electric Grenade
giveflamethrowerGives Flamethrower
giveflashbangGives Flash Bang
givelauncherGives GL G20 Grenade Launcher
givediggerGives Grave Digger
givegrenadeGives Grenade
givekrukovGives K-8 Krukov
givekobraGives KA-1 Kobra
givesniperGives McManus 2015
giveminigunGives Mini Gun
givemolotovGives Molotov
giveswordGives Nocturne
givercgunGives RC Possesor
givedroneGives Reaper Drone
giveshieldGives Riot Shield
giverpgGives RPG Launcher
givehammerGives S3X Hammer
giveairstrikeGives SA-3 Airstrike
givesatchelGives Satchel Charge
giverocketGives Shock Hammer
givesonicGives Sonic Boom
givestungunGives Stun Gun
givetekGives TEK Z-10
givedildoGives The Penetrator
giveslm8Gives Viper Laser Rifle
clearskiesSunny Weather
overcastCloudy Weather
lightrainRainy Weather
heavyrainHeavy Rain Weather
notratedEveryone Killed Explodes into Blood
fryholeCorpses Rise into the Air
isquishyouSquishes your Car
duiDrunk Pedestrians
mascotMascot Pedestrians
hohohoPimps and Prostitutes Pedestrians
brainsZombie Pedestrians

If these cheats made you interested in Saints Row 3, it is available for purchase at Amazon.

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