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Most buyers go for traditional ventilation fans that only exhaust air outside. But what if you could get an exhaust fan that reversely runs through 2 way linkage and intakes fresh air inside? The SailFlo LFW-25 enables you to do that. And that makes it one of the most unique, the best exhaust fan for kitchen use and the best fan, to buy at a cheaper price.

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Why We Like It – SailFlo LFW-25

In many ways, the SailFlo LFW-25 is a very underrated exhaust fan. It features high quality components, good air flow (both ways, reversible), easy installation, and a durable motor with overheat protection. All in all, there’s a lot to like about this ventilation fan.

  • Reversible airflow
  • A water-resistant motor capable of providing 470 CFM
  • Three-prong power plug
  • Sleeve bearing fan

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The SailFlo LFW-25, with its 470 CFM motor, beats even the Broan-Nutone 512M in terms of performance. This is truly a ventilation fan that you can actually use in any room, be it large or small. And the motor is capable of about 420 CFM air intake for pulling in the fresh air inside.


Many think that this fan is built cheaply after looking at its plastic body. But, the build quality is more comparable to the Hon Guan 6 Inches Exhaust Fan where most outside parts are made out of high quality plastic. Being an exhaust shutter fan, it’s also vital for the shutters to be durable for preventing backdraft. However, this is where the fan lacks a bit as the shutters break off pretty easily. And sleeve bearing fans generally don’t last very long.

Noise/Sound Level

The SailFlo LFW-25 operates at an extremely quiet noise level, around 30~40dB, without compromising on the air volume. But unlike the iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan, it runs for a very long time with the same noise level. The motor overheat protector, and the temperature fuse really do come in handy in this aspect.

Versatility/Modern Features

This fan is really easy to install. Unlike some other fans where you have to drill holes in a wall, this fan can be installed in a window as well. And if you install the fan that way, you can easily use the three-pronged wall plug to plug it into a power source without needing to mess with the building wiring.


Looking at all the above-listed features, the SailFlo LFW-25 looks to be quite an enticing product at a great price range. At just above $50, you’re not going to find a better fan if you really like the air intake feature.

SailFlo LFW-25 Wrap Up

The SailFlo LFW-25is a great exhaust/intake fan, and pretty much anyone who buys it is bound to be happy with it. And it is cheap enough to be easily replaced without breaking the bank in case it fails over the years.

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