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Sabertron Brings A Scoring System To Foam Star Wars Like Swords


It’s been a dream for as long as nerds have been larping: A scoring system for foam swords. Unfortunately, that’s been pretty low on the list of priorities for scientists, what with this need for a cure for cancer and all those other trivialities. Leave it to Kickstarter to step in.

Clash Of Foam

The idea is pretty simple. Your standard foam cylinder, complete with fun handle, is your sword. The electronics built in offer the hit detection and score tracking. For example, you can program the swords to offer one-hit kills, a health meter, regenerating health, and other options designed to suit either your LARP game or your desire to bash people in the noggin. Blows that hit the sword don’t count; blows that hit the body do.

Oh, and yes, you can swap out the foam “blades.” The handles you’ll just have to live with.

Hit Detection

It’s actually fairly clever in how it’s designed with its Star Wars lightsaber look. The swords communicate wirelessly to figure out whether you hit a body or just the foam noodle. Even better, products are in the works that mount your health meter to your back and allow multiple swords to interact in one instance, meaning that instead of just one minor duel, you can potentially have enormous battles ranging across the hillsides. Or, you know, in the park down the street. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

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Foam Wars


Needless to say, this appealing to the deep-seated need of nerds to hit each other and track with precision how much fake injury they inflict, this has already hit its funding goal on Kickstarter. There are no stretch goals yet, but you can get a deluxe one with rechargeable batteries and an LCD touchscreen for $200. But if you just want to fight your friends, two “apprentice” swords will run you $99.

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