If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably found yourself debating picking up a lightsaber. Not a cheap flashlight with a folding plastic cone, but a real, proper, prop lightsaber. But if you want the best job, you’ll have to get one custom-made from Saberforge. And for your iPhone friends, read our review on the 8 must have holiday gifts for iPhone 5s owners.

Light, Your Way

Really, the most recent saber listed on Etsy, a replica of one carried by one Darth Maul complete with matte black finish (of a type generally used for guns) and leather, speaks for itself, so here’s a video to take a look at it and how it works:

This particular version is made of aircraft aluminum For those unfamiliar, essentially a high-end prop lightsaber has two parts: The hilt, where the electronics and LED are stored, and the blades, which are generally extruded plastic that snap onto the top of the hilt and fill up with light. But this is even fancier.

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Light And Sound

First of all, it comes with an LED to help simulate the flash when lightsaber blades clash together. Secondly, it’s got a full set of sound samples straight from the movies; when you knock blades with a fellow Star Wars fan, the blade will hum and spark just like a lightsaber. OK, yes, in many situations, this is probably not appropriate. But you’ve got to admit, it’s really freaking cool and one of the best lightsaber ever.

Clash Of The Sabers


True, the overall cost of such a high-end prop, even when you leave the name of a certain formerly respected filmmaker with a neck pouch out of it, is, well, high-end: You’ll be paying $850 for this particular model. But others are available on Etsy for as little as $130, and in the long run, you have to admit, paying that little to pretend you’re a Jedi, even for a moment, is money very well spent.

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