S+ Sleep Sensor Is a No-Contact Sensor/Alarm Clock Hybrid

Sleep sensors sound pretty good on paper: Turn them on, fall asleep, and get some useful information on your sleep patterns and how you can improve them for more rest, less stress, and a host of health benefits. The problem is in the execution. You have to wear some sort of sensor to bed, whether it’s a smart wristband, a necklace, a special pad, or whatever. This doesn’t do much for your sleep cycle when you toss and turn because of this awkward “smart” addition to your bed.

ResMed’s S+ sleep sensor dodges that problem with a non-contact device that perches happily by your bedside and watches you sleep in a completely nonthreatening way, gather information without any danger of rolling over onto uncomfortable plastic.

This sensor can monitor your breathing and body movement throughout the night to gauge how restless you are. It can also monitor environmental effects, such as the presence of light in the room, how much noise there is, and what the temperature is throughout the night.

With the help of an accompanying smartphone app, the S+ sleep sensor can then give you some personalized advice on your sleeping habits. Tell it how old you are and it will compare you to averages and give you advice on how to sleep better. If something unusual happens, like less REM sleep or a lot of unexpected noise, the sleep sensor will let you know and offer you a few tips on how to cope if necessary.

The S+ also plays a few other roles. It can play soothing music, help you create a reminder list, and wake you up with a variety of alarm schedules. Taken together, it’s hard to find a better sleep sensor. However, unlike many wearables on the market this sensor won’t help monitor fitness or help you lose weight, so it does have a more narrow focus. If that sleep-oriented package sounds interesting to you, you can purchase the whole thing for around $160.

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