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96 Expert Rating

The Ryobi Fan is versatile in that it can run on battery or AC power depending on your needs, and let’s hope this never happens, in an emergency situation. And while it is compatible with the One+ system, all the accessories are sold separately. Does this feature make it the best fan? Let’s find out more in this review.

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Why We Like It – Ryobi Fan

The Ryobi Fan is compatible with Ryobi’s One+ system which means if you already own a Ryobi Power Tool and battery, they will be compatible with the fan. It weighs only two pounds, so it’ll be easy to carry from room to room or warehouse to warehouse, and the two speeds mean you won’t have to keep searching for the right airflow power.

  • Can Run on AC if you Don’t Want to Use Battery Power
  • Easily Mountable
  • Very Long Run Time
  • One Battery System Components are all Sold Separately
  • Only 2 Speeds
  • No stated dB Levels

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The Ryobi Fan comes equipped with a high-speed setting and a low-speed setting. While we can appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of this, most fans in this class usually have three-speed settings, so check out the Geek Aire Fan if you want that middle option. Still, this helps add to the run time of the fan if you’re using a battery. It should be able to last a complete work day and still have plenty of charges left afterward. Just make sure you have two batteries so one can charge while the other powers. If you want power but are not interested in battery-powered units, you might like our Remington 20-Inch Floor Fan review and Simple Deluxe 20-Inch 3 Speed High-Velocity Fan review.


The Ryobi Portable Fan only weighs a measly 2 pounds, so it’s a fantastic fan to be able to carry around from room to room. It’s also very easy to hang anywhere if you need to save space on your floor and shelves for power tools. A back bracket, hanging hooks, and screw mounting holes are located below and behind the Ryobi Fan for an easy mounting experience. Check out the Pelonis Fan, though, if you don’t really need to mount a fan.

Noise/Sound Level

There are no dB levels outright when it comes to the Ryoni Fan so we’ll need to look at Ryobi tool reviews by customers. We’re happy to report that most customers find the fan to be almost noiseless and when it does make noise, mostly on the high setting, it amounts to nothing more than some pleasing background noise.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Ryobi fan works with Ryobi Tools’ Ryobi One+ 18-volt battery-powered system. Alternatively, you can use an extension cord to plug the fan into an AC if you don’t want to run it on battery power. This kind of versatility is always welcome, as it allows you to save on energy bills if you need to, or bring it someplace where there is no outlet, such as camping. Unfortunately, the extension cord, battery, and charger are all sold separately, something often mentioned in reviews Ryobi. But if you don’t require this kind of versatility, consider the B-Air FIRTANA.


The Ryobi Fan offers some excellent features for a fan that’s only $50.00 (a price matched by Home Depot, by the way), and honestly, you won’t be sacrificing much if you decide to just try it out. In a first we’ve seen too the Ryobi Fan is certified frustration-free (yes that’s a real certification it has) meaning you can just take it out of the box and get to cooling.

Ryobi Fan Wrap Up

The Ryobi Fan may only have two speeds, but this adds to its incredible run time if you’re using battery power. It’ll get you through your workday no problem. It’s easily mountable, thanks to the pre-drilled holes, and most customer reviews are happy with the noise level despite no explicitly stated dB levels.

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