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You’ve got a small room to decorate, knowing all too well that a few pieces will make the room feel smaller. You can trick your mind into thinking the room is larger than it actually is by using acrylic end tables, like the Russ160 Clear Acrylic Round Modern Accent Table. It’s versatile, durable and the best accent table for small rooms.

Why We Like It – Russ160 Clear Acrylic Round Modern Accent Table

A plain acrylic round coffee table. Its see-through material can blend with just about any furniture, and even provides a sense of extra space, like an opened window.

  • Versatile; can fit in multiple styles
  • Durable; hard to scratch
  • Easy to clean
  • Overpriced
  • Plainly designed


As plain as it is, the Russ160 Clear Acrylic Round Modern Accent Table makes it work to its advantage to some degree. The glass table top is quite wide and will handle a large vase of lamp and still have room to spare, as does the WE Furniture AZF18MWSTRO Table. With its see-through nature, we got a sense that the room was much larger than it actually was, like a room with multiple opened windows, whereas a Monarch Specialties I 2445 would take up a large portion of the wall.


The design of the Russ160 Clear Acrylic Round Modern Accent Table sits on a very fine line. As far as functionality goes, it does just fine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look all that interesting. The legs have a somewhat appealing flare to them, but that’s about it. As plain as it is, the acrylic material used for the stand is very sturdy. It’s hard to scratch, as is the glass table top though we would recommend giving it a tasteful cover. Lastly, its smoothness does lend an easy hand to cleaning.


When it came to value, the Russ160 fell pretty flat. Its performance and overall design just aren’t worth the $350 price tag Russ160 is asking for. It doesn’t have any extra shelves or drawers, and the glass table top is bound to shatter if you aren’t careful regardless of how thick it is. Its design is too plain to be asking for that much. Instead, an excellent alternative is the Decor Therapy FR1566; it’s small, comes in many pretty finishes and only a fraction of the price.

Russ160 Clear Acrylic Round Modern Accent Table Wrap Up

The Russ160 Clear Acrylic Round Modern Accent Table is a hard sell. It wasn’t wowing us with its design, nor impressing us with its price. What it does offer is durability and versatility in any home decor. Its see-through acrylic finish did amazing at hiding itself, providing a sense that the room was larger than it was.

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