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Updated January 26, 2023
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If you’re looking for the best electric hunting bikes, look no further than the Rungu Bike. And yes, it does have three wheels. This bad boy is fitted with some serious power to make it a top contender as the best electric bike for navigating tough roads. Its 1120W mid-drive motor pushes it to 25mph, the fastest e bike on our list. It even has the potential to travel 110 miles on a single battery.

Why We Like It – Rungu Bike

No, you aren’t seeing things: the Rungu Bike has two front wheels. Underneath the Rungu electric juggernaut is an incredibly powerful 1120W mid drive motor and superb build quality. To compare it with a 500W motor bike, read the Schuck ebike modification conversion kit review.

  • Incredibly powerful 1120W mid-drive motor
  • Has the potential to travel 110 miles
  • Superb quality in all areas
  • Expensive
  • Average miles traveled around 20

Durability & Build Quality

Unique to the Rungu Bike, it has an aircraft-aluminum frame (6060-T6), hand-welded by professional hands. To keep the two front tires from straying, a high-strength aluminum mechanism keeps the two together, with each wheel getting its own steel suspension fork. If you’re fine with a 6061 aluminum frame, you’ll want to check out the Rambo R750 fat bike, as it’s lightweight and durable.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Being one of the fastest e bikes on our list, the Rungu Mountain Bike can reach speeds of 25mph, even off-road. It’s all thanks to its 1120W Bafang mid-drive motor, 620W more than the Surface 604 Rook. With that kind of power, hauling 350 lbs is easy—75 lbs more than the Trek Domane+. For obvious reasons, this bike is not ideal for racing, you can get a great racing bike in the Ribble Endurance SL E review.

Additionally, it’ll make one of the best gravel e bikes.

Range & Battery

But it can’t do the job with its excellent battery. With the right conditions, capping your speed at 10mph, and using pedal assist, you can potentially travel 110 miles on a single charge; otherwise, it’s 20 miles at peak performance. And the battery charges in just under 3 hours! But, if you’re fine with 80 miles and would prefer a long-lasting battery, then you’ll want the Specialized mountain bike instead.

Safety Features

Steel suspension forks offer much better tension control, especially on softer surfaces. With two wheels in the front and a rear wheel, you’re also getting much better stability than you would with two wheels. Also, since they’re fat tires, you won’t have a problem driving through the soft sand beaches of San Clemente.


These electric bikes are Rungu juggernauts. They’re incredibly powerful and well-made and overseen by professionals during the assembly process. We also appreciate bikes that have a human touch; makes it feel more personal and unique. But all of its power and performance come at a whopping cost of $4399. It may be the fastest, but it’s also one of the most expensive bikes.

Rungu Bike Wrap Up

The Rungu Bike is one of, if not the best, hunting bike we’ve seen in a long time. It’s built, from the ground up, to be a performance king in every sense of the word. The 1120W comes in handy for speed and hauling, with the battery having the potential to travel 110 miles on a single charge. It makes long trips a possibility. But you need the dough; if you’re a big-time hunter, this is for you.

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