Royal Gourmet Gas Grill Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Whenever you’re outdoors on an adventure, or you’re just with a group of friends in the wild, you either have some food packed, or you’ve decided that you’re going to cook some on the spot. If you’re a fan of being able to cook your food instead of packing ready-made meals, then you probably have some experience with using grills like the Royal Gourmet Gas Grill. The best grills tend to be small enough for anyone who might be a bit short of storage space, and while they might not really identify as the best flat-top grill, it’s easily capable of helping you prepare a wide range of foods.

Why We Like It – Royal Gourmet Gas Grill

The Royal Gourmet Gas Grill is a decent-sized outdoor grill that’ll allow you to cook a wide variety of meals outdoors, while still being small enough for easy portability. It’s got 3 tube burners for good heat efficiency, and comes with a gas regulator that will fit a 20-pound liquid propane or natural gas tank.

  • High cooking power of 27000 BTU
  • Large Cooking Surface
  • Portable and easily stored
  • No adjustable legs


The Royal Gourmet propane gas grill has a respectable cooking power of up to 27,000 BTU, with each of its 3 stainless steel burners having an individual output of about 9000 BTU. The Royal Gourmet Grill also sports a Piezo Ignition System, which eliminates the need for using your own lighter to have the burners light up. Its 3 ring-shaped burners offer uniform heat distribution, and are a lot more efficient in cooking compared to the Blackstone tabletop grill, which has only one burner. The propane gas grill is also quite portable, so you’ll easily be able to pack or move around with it whenever you need to.

However, to improve your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want a built-in grill like the Summerset grill or the Napoleon Prestige 500.


With a cooking area of up to 316 square inches, (slightly smaller than that of the Blackstone tabletop griddle at 330 Square Inches) you’ll get plenty of cooking space on the Royal Gourmet PD1300, and this should allow you to prepare enough food for a party of at least 4 people. The unit doesn’t have any legs to stand on, so you’ll only be able to place it on a tabletop or your car’s tailgate. But, the Magma grill does have legs, if you’d require a grill with legs instead.

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Unlike the Solaire grill, the grilling surface on the Royal Gourmet’s grill grates happens to be porcelain-coated, and this is done to prevent any corrosion through rusting, thereby increasing the overall durability of the grill. Also worth mentioning is like most gas grills, the PD1300 is backed by a 1-year full warranty, so in case you come across any problems with your new unit, do not hesitate to contact customer service, and they’ll be glad to help sort things out.

Ease of Use

General cleaning and maintenance on the Royal Gourmet Gas Grill is pretty easy to do, so long as you make sure to clean it after each cooking session. Unlike the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, the unit doesn’t have any side tables, but it does have a side removable grease drip cup that’s perfect for getting rid of any grease residue when cooking. Its grease cup is not as large as that of the Blackstone tabletop 22-inch grill, but it should suffice as long as you make sure to clean it every so often.

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With a stainless steel control panel, a cast iron griddle cooking top, and a fairly large cooking surface, the Royal Gourmet Gas Grill is easily one of the best grills to go for especially if you’d prefer to have something that’s small in size and still provides large cooking spaces. Its griddle is also non-stick, making it a lot easier to clean and maintain.

Royal Gourmet Gas Grill Wrap Up

Royal Gourmet grills are known to strike the perfect balance between affordability and good quality, and this is why they remain one of the most popular brands to turn to in search of reliable outdoor cooking tools.

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