Rovio Robot Reviewed

Robots-dreams, the purveyor of all things robot, got their hands on the Rovio robot.  Looking very mars mission worthy – hence the name, perhaps – the Rovio is a remotely controlled 3 wheeled vehicle with a built-in camera, LED lights and a bevy of other features.  The Rovio taps into your home’s network and is controlled via proprietary software installed on your computer.  Fear not, WowWee has provided both Mac and PC installations.  Setup sounds super simple, but they did note that some routers will require you to open up selects ports, which will surely prove difficult for the average user.

Their conclusion:

“We think ROVIO is positioned to be the hottest robot for the upcoming holiday season, and for a long time to come. This robots functionality, usefulness, styling, and ease of use sets new standards. Not only is it a fantastic mobile webcam platform, it also lends itself to other applications. We can easily imagine colleges and research labs using ROVIO as a robotic platform to investigate swarming, or, on the lighter side, a new robot soccer league.

Available here for $300

Hit the ‘leap’ to clock some video demonstrating the Rovio’s abilities.


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  1. Is there any talk about a partnership between WowWee and TiVo… I think the Rovio and the TiVo would work well together. One application that comes immediately to mind the ability to access your Rovio through your TiVo interface right on your television. Another benefit of a Rovio/TiVo interface would be ease of scheduling… It would be an easy way to preprogram Rovio patrols,, and record them on your TiVo.

    Just thinking out loud…

    Louie Manno

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