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Updated February 15, 2023

Gadgets are often intricate and prone to damage, which is why many come with warranties. And because so many devices require the internet to work to their full potential, understanding your router warranty is essential to staying connected. Most router companies offer limited warranty policies. Similar to other guarantees, like the best vacuum warranties, these policies outline conditions around the manufacturer’s responsibility for replacing your router, as well as the warranty period and what the replacement procedure looks like.


  • Many popular internet router manufacturers offer limited warranties, guaranteeing consumers the replacement or repair of their router under certain conditions.
  • Limited warranties will fix or replace a router if there are any discovered defects or flaws in workmanship on the part of the manufacturer.
  • Limited warranties do not cover any damages caused by mishandling during shipping, storage, or any accidental damages from misuse.

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What to Know about Router Warranties

Routers are an essential tool that connects users to the internet wirelessly. Therefore, knowing your warranty lets you understand what you can do to ensure it stays in good condition.

Insider Tip

Always keep your receipt and proof of purchase when buying a computer router. Most of the time, the manufacturer requires this proof to know you are the original owner.

A warranty is a promise made by a company, given to the buyer of a product, that the manufacturer will issue a repair or replacement if they supply a defective product. A product warranty is more than just words; it outlines legal obligations meant to protect consumers from unfair deals.

Warranties come in a wide range of scopes and are often recommended for big-ticket items, like speaker warranties or computer monitor insurance. However, even items like internet routers come with warranty plans.

Most router manufacturers come with limited warranty coverage, which offers protection guidelines around defects that are the manufacturer’s fault. These warranties are described as limited because they often expire after 2-3 years. Additionally, warranties apply only to the original purchaser of the device and become voided if the product is given or sold to another party.

What Is Covered Under Limited Warranty

As stated, routers tend to come with limited warranties. This guarantee, which activates upon the transaction, means that the manufacturer must fix or replace the router if any defects in materials or parts are discovered. It also covers any discovered faults in product workmanship.


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A warranty also outlines details regarding how long the coverage lasts and supplies a procedural overview of how the fixing and repairing will go down.

What Is Not Covered Under Limited Warranty

As with most limited warranties, router contracts will not cover accidental damages. This includes damages that occur during shipping or storage. Likewise, any damage from misuse or modification will not fall under the scope of coverage.

STAT: Wireless internet was released to consumers in 1997. (source)

Router Warranty FAQs

Are there extended warranties for computer routers?

Finding a third party that will provide an extended warranty for your router may be possible. However, most computer router manufacturers only offer limited warranties with their products.

How do I know what my warranty covers?

The first step is to read the documentation that came with your router. If you no longer have it, head over to the manufacturer’s website. In the rare event it’s not on the site, call customer support.

Does a limited warranty cost money?

At the point of sale, many limited warranties come included at no additional cost. However, it varies by company and product.
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