Rotating Faucet Serves Both Sink And Shower


If you live in a small apartment, or just have a small bathroom, you know the importance of saving space wherever you can. That extends not just to your furniture and your stuff, but also to the plumbing. Hence, a clever design that saves you a lot of space in the bathroom, right where you need it most.

Sink, Then Shower

The design, courtesy of Julia Kononenko, is a surprisingly simple one. In one position, the faucet is a showerhead, clicked in to give you a bath. But step out, and bring the faucet down on a pivot to lock in at a lower angle, and you’ve also got a sink faucet. In theory, you could even connect your sink to your shower drainage and have less plumbing.

Space, And Lots Of It

Of course, this isn’t really designed for places with, say, roommates or that have much space in them in the first place, but it is ideal for smaller houses and places otherwise built to save space. That’s becoming increasingly popular as pre-built houses stay at pricey levels, and as smaller houses become more and more popular, methods of saving space become more and more important. So this folding faucet makes more and more sense, the smaller and smaller homes get.

Fold Up, Wash Up


While this remains a concept for now, it appears that this design will be in the works sooner rather than later, as apartment dwellers fight for more space and as our homes get smaller and smaller. And if nothing else, it’s at least a conversational piece, as in you’ll have to explain to people that yes, your tiny apartment has a bizarre sink/shower combo. But hey, it’s a lot better than trying to explain why you have IKEA furniture screwed into the walls.

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