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The biggest advantage of using a portable air conditioner is that you can move it to whatever room you need air conditioning in. Add to that wireless connectivity features that allow for voice control and smart operation, and you have a cooling appliance that you will rarely have to walk up to whenever you need to get it working. The Alexa enabled RolliCool Cool310 Rollibot is one such portable air conditioner, and it’s so well designed that it’ll probably blend in whatever room you decide to place it in. Shopping around for the best portable air conditioner and heater? This RolliCool AC unit might actually end up being your next purchase. Get to the end of this review to find out what it’s got in store.

Why We Like It – Rollibot Portable Air Conditioner

The Rollibot Portable Air Conditioner is a fantastic choice for a bedroom or living room AC unit. It’s quieter than a window unit, and is WiFi ready so that you’re able to control it through Alexa, or even the Rollicool app to switch it through any of its functions.

  • 6 different modes
  • Quiet operation
  • Controlled through Voice, App or Remote
  • Short warranty period


With a 12000 BTU rating, the Rollibot portable AC is easily able to service an area of up to 600 sq ft, making it slightly more capable than the Whynter portable air conditioner, which has a 14000 BTU rating, but will only work best for an area that’s not larger than 500 square feet. The air conditioner has six modes of functioning that you can choose from, and these are heat, cool, dehumidify, sleep, timer and fan. There’s also a timer that you can use to program when it should switch between different modes, making it a lot easier to use.

Energy Efficiency

An air conditioner with a 12000 BTU rating doesn’t need a lot of energy to run, so you won’t really notice a sharp spike in your electricity bill at the end of the month. Also, with the included timer, you’ll be able to have it running only when you need it to, like in the evening when you’re going to sleep, or at midday when the sun is up and it’s the hottest.


This 12000 BTU portable Rollubot air conditioner has got two high efficiency mesh filters, making it impossible for any dust particles to get through it from the outside into your room. Just like those on the LG LP1217GSR, the filters are easily removable, and can be washed or replaced depending on the level of wear and tear. The included carbon filter however is not washable.


As with most Rollicool portable air conditioners, the Cool 310 ships with a full 1 year limited warranty. The air conditioner is however expected to continue working without any issues for up to 10 years, so you shouldn’t have anything breaking down before that period. In the unfortunate event that you do, there is a customer care team that you can reach out to, and they’ll have a qualified technician at your house to get the conditioner fixed.


At 54 decibels, the Rollicool Alexa enabled AC unit is almost as quiet as the Honeywell MO08CESWK Compact Portable Air Conditioner, making it ideal for whenever you’re sleeping at night, or when you have a baby around that you don’t want to wake up.

Rollibot Portable Air Conditioner Wrap Up

The one thing that places the Rollicool 310 miles ahead of other portable air conditioners is definitely the ability to control it through Amazon Alexa. Setting it up on the Alexa app is fairly easy, but if this doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in, you could just stick to the remote control that comes with it.

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