Is this Roku’s best streaming device yet?

The battle for the cheapest streaming box is official: today Roku announced the Roku SE.  Price for the purple tags box will be $50 when it goes on sale.  Or will it?  In an attempt to drum up publicity, it will actually sell for the price of $25 – half the price if don’t feel like doing the math – on Black Friday only.  Roku says quantities are limited so you best get in the virtual line if you want one for yourself. If you’re not convinced by the Roku, check out our Apple TV VS Roku 3 comparison to determine what’s best for your home.

Update: apparently the SE will release on Black Friday only.

Spec wise it’s apparently not all that different from the 2013 introduce Roku 1, offering full 1080p HD streaming, a no thrills remote and compatibility with both analog and HDMI TVs.  However, this box will run the latest OS from Roku, OS 7.

Other notable features, include Android and iOS remote compatiblity.  This will let you search for channels and content, as well as “cast” content from your mobile directly to the Roku.

So is this Roku for you?  If you’re just looking for the basics in streaming, then yes. The other, more adanvacned models, such as the Roku 4, include 4k streaming, though content will be limited and you’ll need a compatible TV.  A particular interesting features of the Roku 3 and 4 is a remote that doubles as a wireless audio transmitter, letting you plugin a set of headphones and watch TV without interrupting a sleeping partner.  It also offers voice search.

Comparatively speaking, there is the Chromestick and Amazon Fire TV stick, all of which offer a comparable price point.

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