You know what really gets under my skin? Not inflation! Not skyrocketing gas prices or conflicts beyond our borders! Nope. It’s having to remove my iPhone before I can properly dock it to a charging stand. Arg! Annoying right!?! Some cases require a Doctorate in physics to properly insert and remove an iPhone without looking like a infant wrestling with a bottle of Flintstones Chewables.

Rok Form, makers of iPhone and Galaxy S3 cases has something for you and me. The RokDock Aluminum iPhone 5 stand is smart but expensive way to dock your new iPhone 5 without the need to remove the protective case. The stand weighs more than 3-solid pounds. Rock says this is perfect for easy “one-handed” docking. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum resulting a super solid and nicely weighted docking and charging station. The adjustable rubber inserts are purported to fit most any iPhone 5 case and the anti-slip grip means you wont have to worry about the RokDock scratching up those harder iPhone 5 cases.


• Easily dock, charge and un-dock your phone

• CNC Machined from aircraft grade aluminum

• Adjustable rubber insert to fit most any iPhone 5 case

• Anti slip grips won’t mar or slide on hard surfaces

The RockDock is available now at Amazon for $99.99

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