Rofeer Digital Blue LED Screen Portable Breathalyzer Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re planning a night of drinking with friends, it’s worth having a breath alcohol tester like the Rofeer Blue LED Screen Portable Breathalyzer. This alcohol breathalyzer uses fuel cell technology to give the most accurate test results possible. The Rofeer Portable Breath Alcohol Tester made our best breathalyzer list because of its ease of use. It might just be one of the best investments if your looking for some of the top-performing car accessories.

Why We Like It – Rofeer Digital Blue LED Screen Portable Breathalyzer

The Rofeer Digital Blue LED screen portable breath alcohol tester uses a fuel cell sensor to give accurate readings of your alcohol level. This is one of the best breathalyzers in the United States with professional grade accuracy. When the Rofeer digital detects alcohol it has a sound warning and a visual warning on the LCD screen. Another important car accessory you need is the SCOSCHE USBC242M Revolt Car Charger which also features LED indicator lights.

  • Easy to use
  • Visual and Sound warning
  • Professional grade accuracy
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Not NHTSA or DOT approved
  • Questionable durability


The Rofeer Digital Blue LED personal breathalyzer has excellent performance like the BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer and can give you an accurate blood alcohol reading in seconds. Just use auto power button on the portable breathalyser for two seconds. The Rofeer Digital Blue LED Screen alcohol tester will heat up and you can blow for 3-5 seconds to get a warning value. This alcohol breathalyzer uses the LCD display to provide alerts in red, yellow and green, as well as di sounds depending on the reading. It also features an alarm current temperature display and six different measurement units.

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This blue LED screen breathalyzer comes in a compact size that’s easy to fit in your pocket and take anywhere. It weighs 90 g and has dimensions of 4.84-inches x 2.17-inches x 0.75-inches. The screen has different warning colors, and it also has a sound alarm and current temperature display. The Rofeer LED screen portable breathalyzer uses three AAA batteries to work, and it also has a low battery indicator and a power-saving mode. It also comes with five different mouthpieces. The bactrack c6 keychain breathalyzer and bactrack S80 are good alternatives.


This personal breathalyzer comes at a great price and is easy to use. It uses fuel cell technology to give the most accurate results possible and has both visual and audible warnings. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or bag and can easily go anywhere. The results can be stored for later use and it comes with five different mouthpieces. You can’t put a price on your life or your safety so the Rofeer Breathalyzer offers great value for money. Check out the bactrack c6 keychain breathalyzer for a more compact option.

Rofeer Digital Blue LED Screen Portable Breathalyzer Wrap Up

The Rofeer breathalyzer is an essential item for a night out. It’s portable enough to carry in your pocket and is also very light. More importantly it’s easy to use and gives accurate blood alcohol readings in just a few seconds. It uses three AAA batteries, but the power saving mode ensures it lasts for a long time.

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