Rocket League: Mouse and Keyboard vs Controller

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Updated December 29, 2022

Avid gamers looking for a premium computer mouse should consider the discussion around playing Rocket League with a keyboard and mouse vs. controller. Seeing how a controller for gaming compares to a top-end gaming mouse is important, especially if you jump from game to game. Whether you’re a professional player or you game for fun, stick around to investigate the Rocket League: mouse and keyboard vs. controller debate.


  • Most high-level Rocket League players choose a controller for the fluid motion and accurate cam controls.
  • Keyboard and mouse players have limited directional inputs and lack nuanced throttle management.
  • Traditional controllers aren’t as durable as a standard mouse and keyboard, but premium models aren’t as expensive.

Learning how to choose a mouse will show you a wide variety of input options on the leading models. If you play complex games, extra mouse buttons can offer a competitive advantage, like in the CSGO controller vs. mouse conversation.

Insider Tip

You can alter the basic controller layout with a custom controller profile on modern game consoles and PC.

Action-focused competitive titles require faster reaction times and targeting, and comparing a heavy vs. a light mouse can offer a distinct advantage. Mouse players expect fluid control over the camera, which matters inside Rocket League’s servers.

Rocket League Controller vs Mouse Control Scheme

Rocket League is a free-to-play vehicular soccer game available across PC, console, and mobile platforms. Controller players represent most of the player base, but even some professional players use a keyboard control scheme.

So, don’t expect an enormous advantage after switching your control method either way. That said, the differences between controller layouts and mouse controls might matter for some players.

Car Handling

Traditional controllers with analog sticks provide easier camera control and car handling. Players who aspire to high-level aerial play and air roll maneuvers will find better results with a modern console controller over a mouse and keyboard layout. Additionally, keyboards offer limited directional buttons compared to the 360-degree control of dual analog sticks.

Driving Speed

Controller users enjoy pressure-sensitive inputs that help them regulate their car’s speed. Keyboard players either stop or accelerate at 100% speed, so they have less nuanced throttle control. High-level players are more comfortable at top speed, so the difference isn’t meaningful at the professional level.


You will never find a natural control scheme if you do not stick with a control layout long enough to build muscle memory.


Unlike competitive shooters or RTS titles, Rocket League doesn’t rely on the pinpoint accuracy of a mouse. Traditional controllers offer fluid maneuverability thanks to analog sticks. While there are high-level mouse players, most fans will score more goals with a controller.

Cheaper Option

Controllers tend to break down faster than similar-budget keyboard and mouse setups. That said, premium game controllers are generally cheaper than a high-end gaming mouse and keyboard. You should expect a generic USB controller, mouse, and keyboard kit to have a similar price tag.

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Rocket League Mouse and Keyboard vs. Controller FAQs

Can I play adventure games with an Xbox controller?

While many adventure titles offer non-standard controls, most fans prefer a mouse. Controllers can offer mouse-like controls, but clicking on items in menu-heavy games is more efficient with an actual mouse.

Can you play Rocket League with a flight stick?

Rocket League supports a slew of non-standard control devices and setups, so it likely supports modern flight sticks. That said, you may struggle to fit in buttons for air rolls and throttle into that control method.

Does Rocket League support a mouse and keyboard on Xbox?

Rocket League only supports a controller input on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Similar to most console games, it is against the terms of service to bypass the mouse and keyboard restriction with a third-party adapter.
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