Best Robot Toys in 2023 (March Reviews)

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After more than 10 hours of research and testing, our top pick goes to the Really RAD Robot as one of the best robot toys for kids. It offers an impressive set of features, responding to five voice commands, varied movements (e.g. singing and dancing), audio playback, and sound effects.

Choosing the best robot toys for kids could mean the difference between a dull “play” robot with limited functions or a highly interactive and engaging experience. Our evaluation focused on age appropriateness, educational factor, fun factor, functions, and control range. Keep reading to learn more about the Really RAD Robot Toy for Kids and six others that met our strict grading criteria.

Top 7 Best Robot Toys for Kids

#1 Really RAD Robot Toy for Kids


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is one of the best smart robot toys for 5 year old kids thanks to a turbo boost switch, large wheels, and a variety of remote controlled dance and spin controls, great for kids who want to perform stunts and other tricks.

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  • Best for 5 Yrs
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Very responsive to voice commands
  • Battery life could be longer (~20 minutes)
  • Not a high educational factor
  • Sound cannot be turned off

We like how intelligent this robot is. If it hits something, it senses it and pivots direction. It is also responsive to five voice commands, including “spin” and “dance” modes which produce sound and motion effects, including lit-up eyes. It can even record and playback a 10-second long message, so kids can use them as messengers passing “secrets” back and forth between friends. Keep in mind, this robot toy is more for performing tricks and offers less of an educational factor like some of our other picks.

One of our favorite robot toy modes is its Turbo Boost function. Hit the switch and watch this Turbo Bot propel itself forward. With responses to voice commands, changing directions, and audio payback, this robot is pretty well-rounded. If you want to entice your kids to go outside, check out one of the best outdoor swings for kids.

#2 Top Race Dog Robot Toy for Kids

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This robot dog toy is fully programmable to accept 12 voice commands and perform several “tricks”, such as mimicking the movement of other animals, so we love it for kids 2-3 years old to refine their fine motor and verbal skills.

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  • Best for 2-3 Yrs
  • Responds well to voice commands
  • Easy to understand manual with helpful illustrations
  • Shooting disc mechanism may jam at times
  • No volume controls

This robot dog toy is very responsive to voice commands. Asking it to stand up, bark, and sing a song will trigger a response in less than 2 seconds, complete with a wagging tail and positive attitude. We love the fact we can use a remote control or voice commands, which is great for younger children to develop their fine motor and verbal skills.

Kudos for its integrated 7.4v 600Mah which gives roughly 30 minutes of playing time before needing a charge. This should suit the patience levels of most toddlers and school-aged children.

#3 Sikaye RC Robot Toy for Kids


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best smart robot toy thanks to 50 programmable actions and a “Knowledge Mode” that teaches children 6-8 years years old about music, dance, and other subjects.

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  • Great for 6-8 Yrs
  • Responds well to voice commands
  • Very fluid movement & 5-meter control range
  • So-so customer service
  • Instructions could be better written
  • Too many buttons on remote

Our favorite feature with this RC robot toy is its 5 playing modes, consisting of a speed mode (walking and sliding), English words mode (recites 28 words), and Knowledge modes that cover certain astronomy topics. In terms of educational factor, this robot toy delivers in spades. It can even playback 5 songs, instantly becoming a dance companion. Bonus points for its charge to run-time ratio, good for 2-3 hours of playing time on a 2-hour charge.

This RC robot toy’s movement is pretty diversified, with options to slide backward, slide forward, turn left, and turn right. It can be controlled using a remote control or using hand gestures, with a quick wave or flutter of the hand forward or backward to change its movement. Controls are also very intuitive and responsive with no lag time. This is definitely the best kids RC truck on our list.

#4 Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot Robot Toy for Kids


WHY WE LIKE IT: This interactive robot features three playing modes that teach children 3-6 of years basic math, shape, and colors, making it a fun and engaging learning tool.

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  • Excellent for 3-6 Yrs
  • Very durable
  • Easy to program & great reward system
  • High cost
  • Speaking part cannot be turned off
  • Battery life could be better

This robot toy is very interactive by allowing kids to configure their movements and paths. Using it is very easy. Simply press a series of arrow buttons on its heads to “program a path”, which prompts it to light up and walk in the direction intended. After completing various missions, the robot even dances, which should put a pep in your toddler’s step.

Aside from the Fisher-Price name, we enjoyed this robot toy’s “Learning Challenges” which expose kids to numbers and colors. A ‘secret code’ book also spells out pre-set button combinations to make the robot move in different shaped paths, such as rhombus’ and pentagons. This makes it a winner in our book. If you also want to add to your backyard, take a look at the best outdoor swing for kids under 100 pounds.

#5 Sphero SPRK : App-Enabled Robot Toys for Kids Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best coding robot, teaching kids 12 years old and up on how to code using a spherical robot with programmable sensors and a dedicated smartphone app.

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  • Great for 12 Yrs
  • Very durable & waterproof
  • Solid run to charge time ratio
  • High cost
  • Steel learning curve for children under 10
  • May need constant re-calibrating

This robot toy’s smartphone app is very comprehensive, with tap and drag control settings to configure speeds, strobe intensity, color, and other variables that are “grouped together” in blocks of code. It is also lightning quick for a small toy, hitting a top speed of 4.5 mph. Consider it a more intelligent alternative to your standard RC car or truck.

Kudos for this small robot toy’s favorable charge to run-time ratio (3 hours of charging for one hour of play) and durability, encased in scratch-resistant glass that could withstand the occasional knock on hard floors. If your looking to up your kids craft area too, take a look at the best inkpads on the market.

#6 Top Race Remote Control Robot Toy for Kids


WHY WE LIKE IT: This robot toy for kids 2-4 years old is a jack of all trades, singing, dancing, reading stories, and even spitting out flying discs to keep children entertained.

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  • Ideal for for 2-4 Yrs
  • Responsive wireless remote control
  • Great customer service
  • Does not walk well on carpet
  • Consumes lots of batteries (2 AAs for remote, 5 AAs for robot)
  • Flimsy battery cover & loud volume on lowest setting

This remote control robot toy is a jack of all trades. It comes with several features to keep children entertained, including 10 short stories and more than 30 math questions. It even records and mimics your voice. One of our favorite features is its ability to shoot small foam discs, soft enough for young children to catch without injuring themselves.

This robot’s remote control is pretty intuitive, with basic forward, back, left and right buttons along with dedicated buttons for stories, music, lighting, volume, and recording. With clearly labeled buttons, we are very comfortable letting a 4 year old use it without offering much guidance. This makes it a winner in our book. If live by the water, you may also want to look at the best rc boat.

#7 LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Toy for Kids


WHY WE LIKE IT: This best STEM robot toy for kids 13 years old allows you to “create and command” your own robot to complete various tasks, such as walking, sensing touch, identifying colors, and other “intelligent” things.

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  • Great for kids 13
  • More than 17 robot designs
  • Missing 3rd PRO
  • Steep learning curve with assembly
  • So-so battery life & high cost
  • Best for children ages 10 and up

We like this best robot toy as a way to introduce kids to coding and programming. The set includes several motors, sensors, and Lego bricks that are merged together to produce one of 10 robot designs with different animal themes, such as cobras and scorpions. The motors and sensors are programmed using the included software or dedicated smartphone app. Plus, at 16” tall, this is as close to a life size robot toy as you will see.

There are an endless array of options in making the robot respond how you want it to. For example, an IR sensor can trigger the robot to say a pre recorded phrase if it senses something. We love this robot toy for old children who can tolerate up to three hours of assembling robots before programming and have the patience to manage more than 600 pieces.

How We Decided

In determining the best robot toys for kids to buy, we explored age appropriateness, educational factor, fun factor functions, and control range..

Age appropriateness is a key consideration. We sought to provide our favorite picks for different age ranges starting at 2 years old. Learning curves between the different toys vary widely. Some are STEM-focused (e.g. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Toy for Kids) while others focus more on fine motor skills with tricks and movement.

Educational ability is important. The best children’s robots introduce players to STEM and coding subjects. Our #3 pick Sikaye RC Robot Toy for Kids has a music/dance mode and our #4 pick Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot Robot Toy for Kids teaches children basic math, shape, and colors.

The fun factor is the amount of time most kids can realistically spend interacting with the toy. The longer, the better. Fun factor extends to a variety of functions/settings, audio/video controls, responsiveness, and ability to educate.For example, our #5 pick Sphero SPRK : App-Enabled Robot Toys for Kids Ball does an excellent job of this using a smartphone app that allows kids to program a virtually limitless number of commands for the robot to follow.

The control range should be respectable. We like robots that have multiple control options (e.g. voice commands and remote controls), in addition to a safe operating range. The Sikaye RC Robot Toy for Kids has a range of up to five meters, so it is very comfortable working it in a large room without having to move close to it.

Best Robot Toys for Kids Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Type (STEM, etc)
    Different robot toys for kids serve different purposes. Many are purely educational focused, like the Sphero SPRK for coding and the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Toy for STEM lessons. Others are designed more for general play like the Top Race Remote Control Robot Toy with its emphasis on mimicking real life animals.
  2. Battery Life
    For the sake of saving money and time, we prefer using rechargeable or as little batteries as possible, as robot toys for kids are generally known for having a shorter battery life. For that, we like the Really RAD Robot (3 AAA batteries) and the Top Race Robot Dog Toy which uses a 7.4v 600Mah rechargeable battery.
  3. Educational Ability
    Look for robot toys that teach. Our #3 pick Sikaye RC Robot Toy and#4 pick Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot Robot Toy for Kids are great examples, introducing children to coding, math, shapes, colors, and other subjects. We also keyed in on a variety of functions, such as multiple movement modes, subjects, different control options (e.g. remote control and voice commands) – all of which make them great to play for hours on end without getting bored.
  4. Control Range
    We love robot toys that can be controlled in different ways. For example, our #1 pick Really RAD Robot Toy for Kids responds to five different voice commands and uses a remote control. The Sikaye RC Robot Toy for Kids can be controlled up to a five-meter range. All of these options provide flexibility and keep kids entertained.

Robot Toys for Kids FAQs

What is a toy robot?

A toy robot is an electronic robot that carries a variety of functions that help them interact with children, such as movement, voice commands, and dancing. To achieve this, it uses different sensors, including gyroscopes. Some are even capable of shifting direction when hitting an object. They provide hours of fun for curious kids.

What is the best robot dog to buy?

We really love the Top Race Dog Robot Toy for Kids. It is packed with tons of features, including 12 voice commands and programmable singing, dancing, and other movements. Kudos for its highly responsive voice and remote controls.`

What is the best interactive robot?

The best interactive robot depends on what you are looking for. If you want an educational STEM toy to introduce your children to math and science, go for our #7 pick LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Toy for Kids. If your goal is to have a "virtual pet", the Top Race Dog Robot Toy for Kids is more than capable with 12 voice commands and a variety of programmable options.

How do you build a robot code?

Each robot toy comes with its own instructions on how to code. Some require users to press a series of buttons on the robot and others use a dedicated smartphone app to trigger functions.

What other brands do you recommend?

We are big fans of the Cozmo Robot by Anki. It's an educational robot with a smartphone app that allows kids to code certain functions by snapping together different blocks (or command strings) to make it perform an action, such as sing songs or move in a sequence. You can check out our Top Picks and other popular brands on

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