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While some people may think of them as being old fashioned, briefcases still offer most people a look that’s pretty classic and also very professional. Most of them tend to be big enough to help you move around with what you need, and they’re one of those purchases that you’ll need to spend a little bit of time on research so that you end up with a quality product. One of the more unique cases that stands out in terms of its design is the RoadPro aluminium briefcase. It’s got a silver aluminum exterior that is pretty nice to look at, as well as two changeable combination locks that’ll help keep whatever you have inside stored pretty well. Find out why it takes the second spot on our best briefcase list, and whether or not it’s got what it takes to be the briefcase for you.

Why We Like It – RoadPro SPC 931R Silver Aluminum Briefcase

With two changeable combination locks, a soft fabric lined interior ,an aluminium exterior and a soft plastic handle, the RoadPro briefcase is an affordable, lightweight choice for moving around with your documents and laptop with ease.

  • Aluminium exterior makes it durable
  • Lightweight
  • Dual combination locks
  • No extra storage compartments


Open up the RoadPro silver aluminium briefcase and you’ll be greeted with an interior that’s lined with a nice, soft fabric as well as pockets that you can use to store your pens, stationery and notebooks in a very organized manner. Unlike the Samsonite Classic Business Gusset Black, there’s no other compartment that you could use to have your laptop or documents stored separately. Despite that, the RoadPro SPC briefcase still offers more than enough space to move around with what you need.


The aluminium exterior of this RoadPro briefcase is one of the things that probably makes it stand out quite a lot compared to other briefcases that are made of a leather exterior like the Alpine Swiss Expandable Briefcase Combination for example. Other than that, this briefcase comes with plastic handles, two combination locks lined interior and is incredibly lightweight given its aluminium material. The briefcase measures 17.5 x 13 x 4 inches (l x w), and weighs about 4.6 pounds when empty.


The one thing that you can be guaranteed with once you get the RoadPro silver aluminium briefcase is it’s going to last a long time before it starts showing any signs of wear and tear. Aluminium is one of the most durable metal choices you can opt for, so you won’t be needing any other briefcase anytime soon once you go with this option. The RoadPro briefcase is also guaranteed to keep your stuff well secured thanks to its two changeable combination locks, though if you’re looking for something waterproof, you’d be better off with the Bosidu Briefcase Computer Bag Waterproof Business Messenger briefcase.

RoadPro SPC 931R Silver Aluminum Briefcase Wrap Up

The RoadPro briefcase is an affordable alternative for anyone looking to carry around their stuff conveniently, and despite having no segmented compartment for your laptop and documents, those two should still be able to fit inside very well without any major issues.

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