Rivendell Built Out Of LEGO Is An Achievement Even The Elves Would Be Impressed By


Lego is one of the most wonderful tools ever created. It frees the imagination, it brings out the artist in all of us, and it’s often used to truly amazing ends. Like, for example, rebuilding all of Rivendell in brick form.

The Fellowship Of The Bricks

This isn’t some cutesy version either, or an official build. Instead, this was executed by Alice Finch, who you might remember built an enormous Hogwarts entire out of Lego, and fellow Lego fan David Frank, who used 200,000 bricks to construct the entire city precisely, right down to the patterns the elves put on their roofs and the clear waves coming from the river to take out the Nazgul.

Frame By Frame, Brick By Brick

It started with Finch and Frank sitting down with the movies and carefully, precisely, going through Rivendell frame by frame, looking at the proportions and the designs. They even hunted up a souvenir model that was reconstructed by Weta Workshop, as apparently Rivendell’s geography could be a bit iffy in the films themselves. Not helping matters was the fact that it’s a place rife with foliage, so that had to be built and incorporated into the model as well.

And, like any Lego build, there were challenges because there just aren’t that many types of bricks in the first place. For example, some of the windows in the buildings are actually shields from Lego Gungans, marking the first time a Gungan has contributed anything to pop cultural history of any significance or relevance.

Yes, we’re still bitter. Can you blame us?



The ten-foot by five-foot model will largely go down as an achievement in Lego construction; it’s not clear where it might be heading next. But one thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be a Lego build anybody forgets any time soon.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.

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