Rip PS3 Games on your PS3
According to an article on Ehomeupgrade, ripping Hi Def Blu-Ray movies and PS3 games is as simple as typing a line of code into the ‘terminal’ of the Playstation 3. Apparently, this requires the PS3 to be loaded with a Linux OS and can actually be done on any computer running Linux with a Blu-Ray drive – its just ironic that you can already rip PS3 games on the system.

Hit up Ehomegrade for more details.

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  1. Does anybody know if it’s possible to play copied Blu ray films on the PS3? I’ve tried it, but get an error. The BR plays on a BR player, but not on the PS3.
    I’ve been googling, but cannot find a definited answer.

  2. i have installed ubuntu. i have also ripped a game to the hdd using: sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/whatever.iso. That does no good. now i have a file that takes up 12 gb and is usless. i suppose now i can purchase software and a blu-ray burner and make a copy but thats not what i want to do. i just want the damn game to run from the harddrive. it seems most of the research that i have done is reading from posts from over a year ago. has anyone figured this out yet? i didnt want to download an isoloader because what good is that going to do?

  3. hi i was wondering that since the ps3 was based on the psp and sony used it(the psp) to prevent any future hacking of the ps3 then shouldn’t it be best to find a way to create ps3 .iso files and place them in external hard disks(to find a way to make the ps3 read large ntfs disks than small fat32 ones) that way people could afford playing the games at a very cheap and affordable price. besides it would then be very easy to exchange games and keep a lot of them on the hard drives.
    i did a lot of thinking and research as to how to be able to afford and play the damn thing

  4. has anyone tryed external hard drive and the show all funshen just plug it in and go to the hard drive hit triangle key and show all ive got riped divx to work from hard drive but havent got a blu ray rom or burner to try the games

  5. How do you rip the game because everything that I have tryed, it wont detect the PS3 disk can someone help me and give me some advice thanks

    1. yes, with new versions of linux installed in the ps3.. there´s a comand in the terminal, than you can create a iso of the ps3 game.
      i use the ubuntu for powerpc – this version alredy became “ps3 suport and drivers”.
      good luck..

      1. Nice man,thank god you exist can give me a little advice on how to copy ps3 game to hd,how do i get linux on ps3?and what commands i do on linux?thanks

  6. Ok now i just bought a ps3 …has anyone tried this linux install and been success full with ripping the disc to the hdd.


  8. now answer this..why get an iso and rip it off into a blue ray disk when 1 blue ray disk costs $50+ (depends where you get it)…honestly that’s just a waste of you time. just go buy the game cause it’s almost the same price =_=

  9. Yeah sure you can ,NOT,& as someone said you need the key to run the file anyone hacking PSP should already know this,and Yais m8 do you really think thats all it would take to run games on the PS3 without a modification probably by some sort of chip,And thats a long way off

  10. so can it be done yet or do we need to wait for the PS3 ISO player to come out. And can you download ripped bluray ISOs

  11. Well, what you can do is get started. A PS3 ISO player is supposed to come out soon. Once you get the ISO player ur ready to launch games from ur PS3 HDD.

  12. Like Zaki points out, this isn’t a hack at all. Nothing prevents computers from reading the ROM, but all the files are encrypted and without the keys to decrypt those files copying the cipher text is useless. You can do it with a “cp” or “copy” command, but so what!?

  13. If you think of this it might be easy to rip the dsiks but can anyone decode the the files once ripped

    but you have to hand it to these guys they work fast.

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