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The Ring Spotlight Cam battery is what powers your Ring home security system. However, frequently changing and charging batteries out of your outdoor camera is not convenient. Ring Spotlight Cam solar solves that problem by transferring energy generated from the solar panel to keep you better charged. No extra batteries required.

That kind of convenience lands the Ring Solar Panel our list of best solar panels, along with other top options like the Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, RAVPower Foldable Solar Panel, and the Arlo Solar Panel.

Why We Like It – Ring Solar Panel Review

The Ring Solar Panel is a fabulous option to power your Ring devices, making sure that they’re fully charged and ready to protect your home. The solar panel conveniently transfers energy to power your Spotlight Cam security camera. If you already have a Ring system installed or are considering one, then this solar option is the best way to power it.

  • Powers Ring batteries without worrying about changing them out
  • Easy to install and allows versatile placement of cameras
  • Durable construction to withstand elements
  • Can’t easily monitor solar energy transfer
  • Can’t power your Ring Doorbell


All of the features of a smart home security system can definitely help to protect your home, as long as they’re performing correctly. That all starts with how it’s powered. Most importantly, the Ring Spotlight Cam operates off of its Spotlight Cam battery. While the cam battery has plenty of juice to power the many features of the cam, such as motion zones for motion detection and night vision, you will need to replace and recharge the batteries.

The Ring Solar Panel solves that issue by automatically charging the battery so you don’t have to swap it out. Security features perform just as well powered by the solar panel. You can trust that the system will retain power throughout the night.


The Ring Solar Panel actually improves on the design of the Ring Spotlight. Ring Solar allows Ring Cameras to be placed anywhere around the outside of your house. Products from Ring stick anywhere, but if they are solely battery powered, you have to keep them in reach to be able to frequently change out and charge batteries. This could inhibit the viewing range of the camera. The solar panel frees you from having to charge the device, so you can position it optimally for security purposes. Another downside is you can’t use it to power your Ring Doorbell.

The other consideration is you will need to make sure the device is in range of wi fi. Ring products only operate on wi fi (they don’t connect to data networks), so they must be in the range of your home wi fi network. You’ll also want to consider its positioning to be able to use the two way audio function. Two way is definitely a useful design feature for home security.


At its price point, Spotlight Cam Solar is worth the money to complete your home security system. It’s the best way to power your security cameras. However, the value decreases with the fact that in order to make the most out of the system, you’re obliged to subscribe to the Ring Protect monthly subscription. The Protect Basic plan, which runs for $3 a month or $30 a year, allows active video recording for one device on cloud storage, controllable through the Ring app. While the solar panel can power this functionality, you can’t monitor solar charging through the app, which would be a nice feature to have.

Ring Solar Panel Review Wrap Up

Solar panels are fabulous for powering outdoor devices, and the Ring Solar Panel is no exception. If your home has a Ring Camera, you should definitely add on cam solar power. Everyone with a verified purchase of the Ring Solar Panel raves about how easy it is to install and use. It keeps batteries fully charged day in-and-out. It’s very durable and allows great versatility for the placement of cameras around your home. Who knew that solar power could be such a great security measure!

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