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The Rii RK100+ is a rainbow LED backlit large size USB wired keyboard and perfect for anyone looking for the best gaming keyboard for a really tight budget. Its colorful backlighting is very reminiscent of popular gaming keyboards while still providing similar performance at a reduced price. It’s ready for any gaming experience, or late night office work. If you want the best soundcard for your computer, you should also read our Creative Sound Blaster Z Soundcard review.

Why We Like It – Rii RK100+

The Rii RK100+ gaming keyboard provides an excellent example of style and performance without the need of an insane price tag.

  • Performs well in a gaming setting
  • Excellent option for a tight budget
  • Supports multiple operating systems
  • Doesn’t feel like a mechanical keyboard
  • Build quality is slightly cheap


The Rii RK100+ works just as well as any keyboard in an office setting—typing, sending emails. Pressing the keys on this backlit keyboard feels pleasant. How the keys respond when you press them gives you every reason necessary to know for a fact you pressed them.

Of course, where the Rii RK100+ excels is in a gaming setting. It’s a backlit gaming keyboard after all, and the same feeling you get using it normally does translate well into gaming. And this naturally feeling multimedia gaming keyboard extends to other devices such as Smart TVs (TV Mac, for example), Chrome OS, and even Mac OS.


The Rii RK100+ is supposedly a mechanical feeling multimedia keyboard, but that’s a bit of a stretch. It feels like a mechanical-membrane hybrid, though it’s more membrane than mechanical. Any lover of mechanical keyboards would be sorely disappointed. If you aren’t a keyboard snob, it isn’t a problem. But if you are, the Redragon K552 is more in line with a mechanical keyboard than the RK100.

With that said, the build quality feels slightly cheap. The Razer Huntsman’s build quality is superb compared to the Rii RK100+. The keyboard can twist quite a bit, but obviously that isn’t a normal maneuver. What is normal is pressing the keys. When you do, you can feel some bend—especially near the middle of the Rii RK100+.

Other than that, the Rii RK100+ is aesthetically pleasing. It looks like RGB, but it’s actually a backlight gaming keyboard, equipped with multiple color rainbow LED backlit goodness. For real RGB, look at the PICTEK RGB gaming keyboard.


Considering the performance of the RK100’s performance, and the plethora of Rii RK100 multiple colors in the backlighting, you are getting a really great deal here. This is especially true when you’re building a new PC and need somewhere to cut corners for hardware that’s more important. After all, CPUs and GPUs aren’t exactly cheap. Sure, it might feel a little cheap, but it’s going to take a good beating in the most tense of gaming situations.

Rii RK100+ Wrap Up

This USB wired mechanical keyboard, the Rii RK100+, will serve you well in your gaming sessions. Pressing the keys feels natural and responsive, not to mention the keys have some solid girth to them. While the keyboard itself feels more membrane than mechanical, and the build quality isn’t the greatest, the Rii RK100+ serves as a shining example that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive gaming keyboard—especially on a tight budget.

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