What is the Ridgid Tools Warranty?

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Updated April 5, 2023

When looking at various insurance plans, you may want to learn about the Ridgid tools warranty. When you purchase a new Ridgid tool, you also get a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts anywhere from one year to the entire lifetime of the product, though many tools max out at around three years. These manufacturers’ warranties handle basic manufacturing errors, similar to a Leatherman warranty.


  • Ridgid offers a manufacturer’s warranty for every tool you purchase, but the details vary depending on the product.
  • Some tools get a one-year warranty, while others have a 3-year limited warranty, and some even get a lifetime warranty.
  • These warranties may not cover accidental damage or normal usage, requiring third-party insurance if you miss out on proper maintenance of eligible equipment.

Does Ridgid Provide a Warranty for Tools?

Yes, Ridgid offers a robust warranty for tools that last anywhere from one year to three years, with some products receiving a lifetime limited warranty similar to the Milwaukee Impact wrench warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and issues related to overall workmanship and materials.

Insider Tip

Make sure to hold onto your receipt and warranty card to initiate a service call down the line.

How to Increase and Extend Coverage

Though the lifespan of these warranties is on the longer side, the coverage varies depending on the tool. In the vast majority of cases, these are limited warranties that only pay for repairs and replacements for items damaged during the manufacturing process. In other words, you won’t be covered in the case of accidental damage, normal wear, and tear, or theft. This also would include tools like a hand trolley. Luckily, you have some other options.

Third-Party Insurance Providers

Ridgid does not offer its own line of insurance products like many companies, so the manufacturer’s warranty is your only official option. There are plenty of third-party insurers out there, though, and they would love to insure your tools. They offer all kinds of nifty plans that extend the coverage length, in the case of some of the shorter warranties, and expand upon the type of coverage offered. In other words, you’ll get coverage for normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and more. Fees range depending on the plan you go with and the products you are covering.

Renters and Homeowners Insurance

If you want to primarily cover theft and you rent your home, renter’s insurance is a great idea. These plans are inexpensive (around $8 to $10 each month) and cover anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 of stolen goods. That is a whole lot of Ridgid tools, in addition to anything else in your home.

By the same token, you can cobble together some coverage from a standard homeowner’s insurance plan, though results will vary. Some providers offer comprehensive home appliance insurance that protects your belongings, including tools, in the event of a natural disaster, such as a flood or a manmade disaster like a fire.

STAT: The Ridge Tool Company is an American manufacturing company that makes and distributes tools under the Ridgid brand name. The company was founded in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio. (source)

Ridgid Warranty FAQs

How do I register new tools with Ridgid?

To get your hands on that 3-year limited service warranty, you have to register your tool with the company. This is done online or by contacting customer service, and it is the same process for a lifetime service agreement.

What is not covered?

These warranties all cover defects in materials and workmanship within a certain number of days of replacement via an authorized service center. They may not, however, cover normal usage or accidental damage.

What is Rigid’s warranty?

Ridgid offers many warranties, from lifetime service agreements to limited lifetime warranty products and 3-year limited warranty periods.
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