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While  Best Cool Wallets are all the rage right now, narrowing your search will help you achieve better and more refined results. If you want an eco-friendly wallet, look up the Best Vegan Wallets. And to that end, the Ridge Wallet should have everything, if not most, of what you’re looking for.

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Why We Like It – Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is a fantastic minimalist and sleek wallet that features incredibly durable construction and is so lightweight that it won’t slow you down at all when you’re out and about. Its lifetime guarantee isn’t bad either, and is always a welcome addition!

  • Very Lightweight
  • RFID Blocking
  • Can Hold up to 12 Cards
  • Not a Lot of Color Variety
  • Can Only Accommodate Standard-Sized Cards


The Ridge Minimalist Wallet comes in a few different colors, which is nice, but it’s nowhere near the level of the Cyanb Front Pocket Wallet as you may have already guessed; thee Ridge applies a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t necessarily like to carry around a lot of credit cards, or is at least trying to tone it down some, or is even just looking for something that can fit into their back pocket easily.


The Ridge Wallet doesn’t come in an array of materials like aluminum or carbon fiber like some of its brethren do, but the wallet is made out of durable metal, so at least it has that going for it. It’s also lightweight, even the heaviest material maxes the wallet out at only 3 ounces, like the Slimfold Minimalist Wallet.


The Ridge Money Clip comes with the all-important RFID Blocking Technology. It’s not exactly commonplace yet, but it is quickly becoming so, and we’re happy they included it here. The cash strap also holds your bills securely, and there’s no feeling of them shuffling around. Check out the Kinzd Wallet if an elastic strap is the least of your concerns, and you’d prefer something more along the lines of a vegan-friendly leather wallet.


All in all, the Ridge Wallet can hold an impressive 12 cards without adding unnecessary bulk, thanks to its durable construction. The elastic strap also makes it quite easy to access cash. The notch at the bottom of the wallet allows you to pop out cards with ease, but be aware it’s designed only to accommodate standard-sized cards.


Let’s get this out of the way and admit that the Ridge Wallet is very expensive, comparatively. But it’s built solid and can do more than most wallets in its class, so this is to be somewhat expected. On the plus side, it does come with a lifetime warranty. This includes a replacement for elastics, screws, money clip, and the cash strap plate.

Review The Ridge Wallet Wrap Up

The biggest turn-off with the Ridge Wallet is how expensive it is. If you can get over that, you shouldn’t be disappointed at all. It’s lightweight, includes the up-and-coming RFID Blocking Technology, and comes with a lifetime warranty should anything happen to it by accident.

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