Ribble Endurance SL e Review

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Updated February 1, 2023
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Road bikes often have problems with offering enough assistance to climb hills, but that’s no longer an issue. If you need the best e-bikes for women to climb those steep, deadly inclines, it’s time you pick up the Ribble Endurance SL-E. Its MAHLE Ebikemotion hub system is impressive in its ability to climb hills, with a lightning-fast shifter to assist when needed. It might be the best electric bike for women when it comes to climbing hills.

Why We Like It – Ribble Endurance SL e

Tackling hills with the Ribble Endurance SL-E has never been easier. With a 250W hub-drive motor and 80-mile battery range, you might as well spend the day riding every hill in sight. Alternatively, you may want to get a drifting trike. If that is the case, then look at the Razor Power Rider 360 electric tricycle review.

  • Superb performance climbing hills
  • Excellent stopping power during inclement weather
  • Up to 80 miles on a single charge
  • Charging port can be exposed to water
  • 15.5mph max speed

Durability & Build Quality

Unlike the IZIP E3 Peak Plus, the Ribble Endurance SL-E Pro’s choice of material is carbon. That was an excellent choice. Carbon frames can be as stiff or as compliant in any number of sections, despite it being nearly a single piece of carbon. That alone provides a higher ride quality than the aluminum frame of the Lapierre eSensium 300.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Top speed matters little to the Ribble Endurance SL-E Electric Bikes; instead, it’s the high-end motor system that’s flaunted here. Despite maxing out at 15.5mph, these e-bikes are amazing on inclines. Where electric road bikes would struggle, the MAHLE Ebikemotion system discreetly provides power assistance as you climb. And that’s in addition to its lightning-fast shifter, the Shimano Ultegra Di2. But in muddy and tough terrains to pass through the two front-wheeled bikes is in their class. Read more in the Rungu bike review.

Range & Battery

The Ribble Endurance SL-E can climb hills beautifully, even at such a low speed, but the length in which it can travel is equally impressive. You can tackle 80 miles of hills on a single charge. This is just like the Pedego Stretch, which can get 70 miles per charge. And, it’s further than the Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro. We advise you to invest in a charging cover as the water is more likely to be exposed to water.

Additionally, if you want to know how to extend your electric bike range, our articles can help you make this possible.

Safety Features

The Ribble Endurance SL-E lacks substantial safety features, other than what the bike offers naturally, like impressive grippage, incredible hydraulic brakes, and wires integrated into the frame to prevent tangling. It doesn’t even have headlights of any kind, front or back.


Dropping $5424 on the Ribble Endurance SL-E Road Bikes would put most people on a stretcher. It’s a steep price, one that it doesn’t quite deserve. Don’t misinterpret—the bike is superb, especially on hills. But it isn’t offering anything special, other than performance. Wait until it goes on sale or, better yet, pick up a Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45.

Ribble Endurance SL e Wrap Up

Being limited to 15.5mph doesn’t stop the Ribble Endurance SL-E Pro from climbing hills faster than other e-bikes in this bracket, thanks to its hub-motor system. And with 80 miles of terrain to cover, you’ll be tempted to tackle every single hill. Even during inclement weather, you’re encouraged to—just take extra time to cover the charging port.

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