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I’m sure there is a good reason that disposable batteries are, well, disposable, I just don’t know what that is.  Probably something to do with the explosions or burns, but alas I’m no expert. If your battery needs are a little bit more intense, take a look at the best battery box instead.  An Australian company Digital Works says they’ve developed a charger, the ReZap Battery Engineer,  that can not only repower your rechargeable batteries, but can add new life to your disposable ones up to 10 times. With this power bank you won’t be running through as many of the best C batteries. You can keep your best D batteries charged too. It looks like it will be hitting this May for about $60.  My suggestion: don’t leave home while these things are charging, just in case. These may not necessarily work with the best battery box, You may also want to check out the best rechargeable AA batteries.

PC Treasures Leads the (Re)Charge

OXFORD, Mich., April 20 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for Earth Day, PC Treasures, in partnership with Digital Works Australia Pty. Ltd., is very pleased to introduce to North American consumers the ReZap Battery Engineer, an innovative, exciting and earth-friendly battery recharger that adds life to all sizes of standard batteries. Designed and manufactured by Digital Works, the Battery Engineer utilizes intelligent microprocessors and software that regulate the charging process allowing consumers to safely recharge their standard, previously non-rechargeable batteries up to 10 times.

In addition to charging standard batteries, the Battery Engineer also charges rechargeable batteries and includes a battery tester to inform the consumer of the charge level of any battery. The sophisticated design makes charging batteries foolproof since up to four multiple-sized batteries (AAAA, AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt, and lantern batteries), can be charged simultaneously. It is the first charger of its kind to fully and automatically detect the different types of batteries that have been inserted into it and proceed to use the correct charging algorithm to handle the custom recharge of each battery individually. No buttons or switches to set, thereby eliminating charging errors.

Brian Austin, the President of PC Treasures states, “Most people are surprised to learn that they can recharge standard alkaline batteries. With the ReZap Battery Engineer, not only can you recharge them, but you can do so in an entirely safe manner. The Battery Engineer is a great way to help the environment and save a great deal of money on reduced battery purchases.”

PC Treasures is introducing the Battery Engineer to North American retailers and it will be available in May 2010 for a suggested retail-selling price of $59.95.


Since 1998, Oxford, Michigan-based PC Treasures has been the leading provider of award-winning OEM software bundles to computer system builders and resellers throughout North America. The company has recently significantly expanded its product offering to include a wide variety of consumer-focused digital entertainment products, PC and netbook accessory items, and the ReZap line of battery and portable power solutions. PC Treasures’ various product offerings can be purchased at leading brick-and-mortar and web electronics retailers throughout North America. For more information visit

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