Revolv Links All Your Wireless Home Devices Together


There’s a lot of wireless stuff out there, and appliances are getting smarter all the time. But it also leads to digital clutter; you’ll have half a dozen apps on your phone to control half a dozen different items. That’s where the Revolv comes in.

One Hub, One App

Essentially, the Revolv serves as a hub for all your wireless stuff. All you really have to do is plug it into your home, in a central location, and then fire up the app. You’ll have complete access to all your wireless stuff with that one app, instead of six. Yes, thankfully, you do not have to connect this thing to a wired connection or your router; it’s a self-contained solution, which makes it a lot easier to use. But how does it work?

Radio Magic

Essentially, the Revolv team packed a bunch of radios into it. The hub has seven radios in in, and that allows it to sync with multiple items in your home at once. They’re calling it FlashLink, although honestly it doesn’t sound like anything other than a router with a computer attached to it. The main value in this is that once it’s plugged in, it syncs with pretty much anything. Have a Sonos system? It works with all the pieces. Have a Nest? It’ll connect to that right away. Have a WiFi light switch? That’ll hook up too. In short, if you’ve got a home item that can be controlled by an app, the Revolv will pick it up.

Under One Roof


Fitting everything you own under one umbrella, or rather into one app, is convenient, but it will cost you; Revolv is $299, although that includes the hub, the app, and a Lifetime Subscription to, uh, updates that add more functionality. Oh, and you’ll need an iPhone, but hey, at least you’ll be able to tweak things from a distance.

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