RevoClean Attachments All Purpose Kit Perfect Cleaning Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The revolutionary new RevoClean attaches to your drill, quickly and simply, for a superb, powerful clean in no time at all. Among the major cleaning kits in your bathroom essentials, the variety of stiffness options on this kit’s brushes ensure that you end up with a sparkling bathroom. Just be careful, some reviews mention it can scratch glass. Check out our best bathroom power scrubber list for even more great options!

Why We Like It – RevoClean Attachments All Purpose Kit Perfect Cleaning

The RevoClean Time Saving Kit Perfect Cleaning is great for all manner of cleaning. Whether it’s for bathroom, grout, showers, or carpets, the RevoClean should be able to get the job done thanks to its four quality drill attachments. Furthermore, it can even clean stoves and other kitchen products safely too! So, the next time you go to your sink with a hair dye ( an effective dye recommendation is detailed in the Refectocil natural liquid oxidant mixing review), you will be confident to clean up after, using this all purpose kit.

  • Variety of Stiffness Options
  • Changing the Brush Heads is Simple
  • Generous Return Policy
  • Can Scratch Glass if You’re Not Careful
  • Can’t Buy Replacement Parts
  • Can Get Heavy


The Cleaning Kit RevoClean is great for cleaning virtually any surface. Cleaning grout, tile, counter, and showers is easy and convenient thanks to the four piece scrub brush power drill attachments. You can select the soft sponge for an easy, safe, light scrubbing of countertops, glass, plastic, granite, and even wooden furniture. Be aware that some customer reviews have mentioned that the heads can scratch glass if you’re not careful though. Consider the MECO Electric Spin Scrubber Cleaning if you really want to be on the safe side.


The RevoClean Multi-Purpose Time Saving Kit comes with four brush power drill attachments. The drill brushes attach to any drill or impact driver easily thanks to the ¼” quick change shaft. If you’re looking for many more attachments, make sure to check out the Holikme Attachment Scouring Scrubber Cleaning. Unfortunately, on the RevoClean, you cannot purchase replacement parts separately. The four brushes are pretty inexpensive anyway, but it would have been nice to have the option to order a replacement instead of having to buy a whole new kit.


The RevoClean Bathroom Scrubber Kit comes with a generous, 90-day money-back guarantee which is more than we can say for almost every other bathroom power scrubber brand. Because it needs to be attached to a drill it can get a bit heavy. Try the Rubbermaid Scrubber General Cleaning 1839685 if you want the lightest power scrubber possible. Be aware that the drill isn’t included with the RevoClean! What is included is one medium stiff nylon round brush, one medium stiff nylon ball brush, one 2-sided non-scratch nylon scrubber, one 2-sided soft sponge.

RevoClean Attachments All Purpose Kit Perfect Cleaning Wrap Up

A 90 day return policy and an affordable $15.00 price tag should be more than enough to sway you into at least trying the RevoClean Bathroom Power Scrubbing Kit. You don’t see that kind of guarantee much nowadays. Be aware that it doesn’t come with the drill though! You’ll have to own one or buy one yourself separately.

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