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Microsoft is hard at work creating the best Windows phones for a new generation: when you’re ready to get a new Windows phone for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or other providers, head on over to Gadget Review and read up on our expert Windows phone reviews to see what’s new, what features to watch for, and what Windows phones deals to find. Our top lists will make picking out a new smartphone easy, and if you enjoy Microsoft products then you will find our comparisons and news articles interesting and informative.

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Did you know that Microsoft recently bought the app Wunderlist, a to-do list generator, probably with the intent of merging it with the new Windows phone operating system to create a better built-in note and list-making tool? Did you know that the best Windows phones are getting another major update, while the new phones on the horizon are going to be loaded with the latest version of Windows 10 mobile, with all new connectivity? To find out more about Windows phones, check out the latest Gadget Review reports.