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No matter what type of Windows or mobile apps you are looking for, Gadget Review can help you out with our expert Windows app reviews and comparisons of the best apps developed by Microsoft and others! While devices like the Zune may be lost to history, Microsoft is still pushing hard into the mobile market with Surface tablets, new Windows Phone ideas, and much more. This means a continued stream of Windows apps – and means that it’s even more important to keep track of reviews and prices to find the best Windows apps.

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HTC Imagio And Windows Mobile 6.5 Hands On At CTIA (video)

HTC Imagio And Windows Mobile 6.5 Hands On At CTIA (video)

By now you’ve heard of the HTC Imagio.  Here’s a quick hands on with the device running Windows Mobile 6.5.  I’m pretty impressed with the updated OS and although I’d never give up my iPhone, for any of you locked into the WM platform I can honestly promote this iteration. …

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Did you know that Microsoft has recent decided to overhaul the Windows app store, getting rid of the less useful apps and limiting the prices that people can charge? Did you know that Microsoft is bringing some of its major apps, like Cortana, to other systems such as iOS and Android? It's news pieces like that are important to Microsoft fans and consumers around the world, and it's why stopping by Gadget Review to check up on the latest news is definitely worth your time.

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