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Do you have a passion for all the latest reviews about cool weapons & armor? Do you want reviews of the best weapons & armor to help compare the newest consumer products? Then you definitely need Gadget Review, where tech experts comb the Internet and cover all the latest news about sweet new weapons, incredible armor inventions, and more. Find reports about all the latest attempts to create huge rail guns, workable mechsuits, smart rifles, best Crossbows and much more.

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In addition to covering the big stories, Gadget Review also includes plenty of information to help you make your own purchasing decisions. There are plenty of incredible options out there, and you want the best weapons & armor – whether it's a Kickstarter to create a realistic weapon from your favorite franchise, or the latest military grade protection for your real world skirmishes and paintball fights. Maybe you just want something that looks great up on the wall – no matter what it is, information is power, so remember to do your research first!