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Read our video game console reviews for the best video game consoles, latest games, and top lists to making the right choices for your gaming life. Curious about the latest game in development on Xbox? We have you covered. Want to know about the latest patch in Destiny? No problem. Choosing between Evolve and the Witcher 3? Check to see our comparisons and the latest buzz.

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The world of game consoles and game systems is filled with choices, which is both a strength and weakness. Whether you have a Nintendo Wii U or a Nintendo 3DS (or perhaps just the classic Nintendo DS), it always comes down to what you want to spend on, and when. Gamers know they may need to choose the best video game consoles for a particular game, and when to buy to save the most money.

Here is where information is the power to make the right video game choices at the right time. So long live the battles between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and long live the upgrades from Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii: They give us all more choices. And the experts at Gadget Review can give you all the advice you need to use your choices to pick the newest video game consoles that match your play style.