Best Unicycle Reviews in 2019

A unicycle is a single-wheeled bicycle. The name means exactly that. “One-Wheel”. Dating back to 1869, they were once used almost exclusively in carnival and circus acts, where people would marvel at the skill required to ride on one wheel.

Unicycles are really just a a wheel, a frame and a seat, along with a pedal driven direct drive. Unicycling is still performed by circus entertainers, street performers and others who want to put on a show. However, these days many regular people enjoy riding them, especially electric unicycles. It takes skill and practice to ride one, but is very rewarding to learn.

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Like bicycles, there are many different types of unicycles. There are beginner models, cruisers, commuters, training unicycles, and many more. So it’s important to consider some key factors when shopping. You’ll want to choose the perfect leg length and see if the seat post is adjustable, and make sure that the weight limit supports you. If you are new to unicycles, will you need extra training accessories like training poles? Our unicycle reviews will tell act as buying guides so that you buy the right model for you.