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Umbrellas protect you from not only rain but also the sun’s rays, and if you’re planning to buy an umbrella then maybe you should first check out the umbrella reviews and comparisons on Gadget Review. There is a lot of choice in umbrellas, apart from the standard rain umbrellas that use waterproof material and should ideally have a wide canopy, you can buy one with a vented canopy that is ideal for windy conditions. Remember, the old-fashioned umbrellas with a big black canopy and cane handles? They are still available and make a classy choice for evening walks.

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If you’re worried about getting your hair wet and spoiling your hairstyle, then consider bubble umbrellas; they are the best umbrellas for ensuring a dry head when you step out in the rains.

Umbrellas also serve to protect from the elements when you install them on porches, the beach, or when you’re out for a game of golf.