Tool Reviews For 2019

Whether you are looking for the best tools for innovation and hobbies in your garage, or the coolest tech tools for helping your friends (and maybe showing off a little), Gadget Review can help! Take a look at our tool reviews to find the coolest gadgets for all sorts of activities. We’ll take a look at the latest innovations in power tools brands and how they are getting smaller, faster, and more nimble than every before. We’ll look at the newest kitchen gadgets, from smart devices to knives that slice bread in double layer for pre-made sandwiches. We’ll also look at a wide variety of outdoor tools to help you with camping and survival projects, from recharging your phone battery to whittling your latest walking stick.

The best tools for the job always make things faster and more interesting. And today there are dozens of different “Swiss army knife” versions of products that combine multiple tools in one piece, whether you are look for a new battery pack, a thermometer, a measuring device, or much more. Gadget Review’ expert recommendations and lists make it easy to see at a glance what’s worth buying!

What Brand Makes the Best Tools?

No tool brand is best at everything. A different brand likely makes the best sliding adjustable wrench than the best cordless drills. Some brands also specialize in specific features like durability, power, cordless batteries, and ergonomics.

The most reputable tool brands include, but are not limited to:

– Dewalt
– Ryobi
– Hilti
– Bosch
– Makita
– Milwaukee
– Ridgid

The best way to find a suitable brand for a specific product is to gather data and read tool reviews to find out which brand delivers the best in terms of quality and functionality.

Latest Tool Reviews And News

What Are the Types of Tools?

The most basic tool types are listed below:


There are several types of drills, including hammer drills, press drills, air drills, power drills, and percussion drills. Hammer drills allow for optimal versatility.


You can purchase screwdrivers in sets. You should have both slotted and flared screwdrivers to ensure that you can loosen and tighten all types of screws.


You need a sander to smooth wooden surfaces. Sander types include air sanders, orbital sanders, bench sanders, and sheet sanders.


Since tightening and loosening nuts and bolts is an inevitability, you need wrenches. There are many different types of wrenches, including ring wrenches, open-ended wrenches, tap wrenches, adjustable wrenches, offset ring wrenches, and more. You can purchase wrenches in sets to ensure that you have all the sizes you need.

Wrenches are also ideal for gripping fasteners. The most common of these wrench types include the torque wrench, pipe wrench, strap wrench, and footprint wrench.


You can use pliers for many different tasks, including cutting and pulling wires and getting a grip on certain objects.

What Every Tool Kit Should Have

Your tool kit should contain a wide range of tools, regardless of whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional in the construction business.

Every toolbox should have the following:

- A screwdriver set
- A cordless hammer drill with bits
- A socket set
- A vice grip
- Clamps
- A laser level
- An adjustable wrench
- Hammers
- Narrow nose pliers
- A tape measure
- A hex key wrench set
- High-quality pliers

If you mostly work on specific projects, you may need specialized tools, but chances are that you will need conventional tools regularly as well.

What Tools Should I Buy First?

The tools you should buy first depends on your specific trade. If your toolbox is empty, and you want to start doing work around the house, consider purchasing the following tools first:

- A high-quality screwdriver set
- A socket set
- A wrench set
- Pliers
- A hammer
- A powerful cordless drill, preferably with a hammer function

Focus on high-quality models from reputable brands that will make your life easier and that will reduce fatigue. Before making a choice, consider your everyday struggles and stick to tools that will address the problems you regularly encounter.