Toaster Reviews For 2018

If you’ve been considering buying a toaster but can’t quite make up your mind on which one to bring home, then check out the toasters reviewed on Gadget Review.

What do you want to bring home – a 2-slice or a 4-slice toaster? Do you enjoy toasting bagels? In that case, you need to consider toasters with wide slots.

Latest Toaster Reviews And News

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Read our toaster reviews to learn about the latest toaster models from brands such as Dualit, DeLonghi, and Argos. Some of the newer models of toasters have a handy pause and check feature that lets you check how nicely browned the slice is, and lets you choose if you wish to continue toasting. The best toasters consume less energy, feature a sturdy metallic body, and may also feature a bun warmer on the top.

We compare toasters for essential features such as an easy to remove crumbs tray, smooth knobs and levers, and a good springy action that lets you retrieve the toast without burning your fingers.