Best Three Wheel Electric Scooter Reviews in 2019

Three wheel electric scooters are just like the other best electric scooters such as two-wheeled electric scooters or an electric bike, except that they have an extra wheel. That makes them a great scooter for kids since they don’t need to have perfect balance and they are also great electric scooter for adults. Some have the rider in a standing position rather than sitting, and some, often called mobility, Euro or power scooters, are scooters with seats that are larger. Other have a removable seat.

They come in many different styles and power options and their speeds vary. If it is time to buy a new three wheel electric scooter or your very first one, we have some tips to help you make the best purchase for you.

Gadget Review: The Automoto 3 Wheeled Scooter (exclusive & video)

Gadget Review: The Automoto 3 Wheeled Scooter (exclusive & video)

If you recall, about 2 weeks ago I wrote up a quick post detailing the Automoto, a 3 wheeled scooter. At the time I thought nothing of it until the fine folks importing the vehicle to the US contacted me requesting a review. And what better way to review it…

Three Wheel Electric Scooter Features

These 3wheeled electric scooters come with many features. Some have a folding design, some have the rider standing, while others have you seated. Other features include headlights, disc brakes, and adjustable handlebars to name a few. The main features that determine a great electric scooter are A strong build quality, speed, range and charge times.

It should be heavy duty enough to last for years of riding, fast enough to suit your taste and the battery life should get you to your destination without losing its charge. Speaking of charging, you also don't want to wait for long periods of time before you can ride it again. It's also important to look at the weight capacity to make sure it can support the rider.

Check out our three wheel electric scooter reviews and use them as a buying guide and aid so that you make the best vehicle choice and enjoy your purchase. Each buyers guide is filled with important information.

Types Of Three Wheel Electric Scooters

There are several versions of these tri-wheeled vehicles. There are kids and adults electric scooters that are geared more toward fun than 3wheel travel commuting. A recreational power scooter like this is super fun.

Three-wheeled electric mobility scooters are built larger and tougher and are designed to help people with impairments get around easier. These electric scooters with seat usually have a basket in front for shopping. A seated electric scooter for adults like this one can improve someone's life quite a bit.

An even larger version are the Euro type scooters that often resemble retro mopeds of Vespas. These are the big boys of the electric scooter crowd and are often used to commute in cities as a travel power scooter.

No matter which variety you are considering, they come in many shapes, colors, and styles.

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