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Are you on the lookout for the best spy equipment on the market? Gadget Review can help with our spy surveillance reviews, recommendations, and news about the latest spy equipment available. There are a ton of spy gadgets available online, thanks in large part to the rise of many wireless options and the slow shrinking of tech devices. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other protocols, it has never been easy to find spy gear. At Gadget Review, our expert reviews, top lists and comparisons will let you know what’s cool, what’s fun for kids, and what makes for top-notch surveillance.

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Security companies and tech startups often sell small, nearly undetectable cameras, but will these meet your needs or are they mostly a gimmick? When you buy a cam or related device, does if have the ability to record footage, see in the dark, and automatically turn on in response to movement? The best spy equipment is not only smart, but also connected to the Internet and easily accessed via a phone or computer. For more information on the best spy gadgets, visit Gadget Review!