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If you want to know which of the best spy cameras are right for you, Gadget Review can help with our spy camera reviews. Our comparisons and top lists let you know exactly what type of spy cameras are out on the market these days, while our expert reviews let you delve into exactly what makes particular spy cam options so great…or not worth buying. With all the new features, from motion detection and infrared night vision to online cloud storage, it’s good to have some advice in picking the right cam.

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The emergence of smart devices and home automation has led to an explosion in spy cameras. Today's spy cam is an affordable, small, and wireless piece of amazing tech that you can hide anyway and act like your own private eye by streaming video via the Internet. Generally, spy cameras come in several different varieties. There are the traditional security cams that may come with disguises but also tend to be rather large (for a wireless cam, anyway) and notably cheap. Second, there are spy cameras designed to be as small as possible so you can hide them in all sorts of places. Third, there are truly camouflaged cams that come with wall outlets, smoke detectors, and other bits of scenery. Which works right for you?