Sony Android Phone Reviews For 2018

If you are a Sony fan then check out the latest Sony Android phone reviews! Sony is doing many exciting things in the smartphone field with its Xperia line and if your current smartphone isn’t doing much for you, then the best Sony Android phones may be the solution you are waiting for. Not only are Xperia phones being updated with Android 5.1 Lollipop, but Sony is also offering more extra apps and great compatibility with other devices.

Latest Sony Android Phone Reviews And News

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At Gadget Review, we understand that not only want to compare the latest and best Sony Android phones, but also find out what Sony's plans are for the future of its smartphone market. That's why we also provide news stories and pieces about new features like SmartBand 2, an upcoming Sony app that allows the Sony SmartBand to work with Android smartphones. To find out more about what Sony is bringing to consumers in this area and many others, follow us at Gadget Review and get honest, expert opinions.