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If you want to keep an eye on the latest smart watch reviews, bookmark Gadget Review’s wearable technology reviews and take a look at our newest smartwatch comparisons to help you make your mind up. It seems like everyone has a smart watch out these days – major brands like Samsung, Motorola, LG and Apple are all busy competing in the same space for the best smartwatch, not to mention the latest electronics.

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The best smart watches are designed primarily as fitness trackers and offer little other functionality – but are really easy to wear at the gym. Others attempt to look as much like normal watches as possible, but hiding smart features underneath through smartphone connections and tracking features. Still others, like startups and Kickstarters (Pebble smart watch comes to mind) focus more on battery life and cost savings. Some try to do everything, like the Apple Watch or Android Wear, but end up costing a lot more than the average option. If you want to know what smartwatch review is right for you, check out the news, opinions and articles available at Gadget Review!