Smart Outlet Reviews For 2019

Gadget Review informs you on how Wi-Fi enabled smart outlets let you to switch on and off any appliance or gadget through an app on your smartphone and in the process save on energy costs.

Smart outlets are more than just connected devices that make life easier through home automation. They let you program the usage pattern of electronic devices and control it even when you’re not at home. Find out energy consumption details of washers, dryers, stereos, and fans at home.

Latest Smart Outlet Reviews And News

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Let smart outlet reviews on Gadget Review share creative ideas on how to benefit from the latest and newest smart outlets; shut your TV off automatically at a pre-designated time, get notifications when washing machine is done with the washing, minimize the use of appliances on “standby” to save power, etc.

The best smart outlets from brands such as Belkin, WeMo, GE, and Ankuoo are compared for home automation protocols supported, compatibility with type of wall opening, number of devices that can be plugged in and more.