Smart Light Bulb Reviews For 2019

The best smart light bulbs are an essential aspect of smart lighting with home automation. Smart light bulbs can be controlled with an enabled mobile phone, they are programmable LED bulbs that are connected via Wi-Fi and can switch on and off at pre-determined times and you can easily control their brightness.

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Check out the smart light bulb reviews on Gadget Review; compare the different options based on form factor, ease of installation, degree of control, compatibility with different standards of connectivity, and costs.

Find out in exhaustive detail the feature set of the best smart light bulbs by Philips, LIFX, WeMo, and Olixar. Learn about unique pairings such as smart bulbs that feature speakers; these let you enjoy music or audio when the bulb is switched on. You can even use the lightbulb to play nursery rhymes to your kid. There are portable and waterproof smart bulbs in the market that you can take camping; and these smart devices will play music and also take your phone calls.