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Smart credit card reviews on Gadget Review inform you on these all-in-one cards that are becoming increasingly popular. The best smart credit cards enable you to enjoy the benefits of a credit card, debit card, a pre-paid card, and a loyalty card with just one high-tech plastic card. You can use this smart card to access your home or office, store medical information and even phone numbers. How’s that for decluttering your wallet?

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At the heart of this technology is a computer chip that carries relevant data. This data is encrypted, which makes it virtually impossible for fraudsters to access your information. As the technology advances, the amount of data that one can store on these cards will only increase. Carrying out a transaction with these cards is not very different from what you do when using a regular credit card. You’ll still need to enter your pin. These cards work with traditional card readers as well as contactless readers that use RFID technology.