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Read comparisons of skateboards by manufacturers such as Moose, Penny, Crown, Razor, and RipStik to find out about the hardware specs of the different models by these brands; skateboard reviews on Gadget Review will help you decide on the correct skateboard deck for your kind of skating, the right skateboard trucks for your skateboard, skateboard wheels, bearings, and grip tapes. If you’re more inclined to put together your own skateboard, the information on Gadget Review will serve to guide on what to look for when purchasing parts.

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Gadget Review is your best resource for all the information on skateboards; if you’re into skateboarding then this is where all the news, views, and reviews of this outdoor activity await you. The best skateboards, whether new or used, are the ones that give you a sense of balance and last long with the right maintenance. Stay with us and we’ll share news on the latest skateboard models and skateboarding events as it breaks.