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If you think that the best shoes can’t be high-tech, we sure have some surprises for you! At Gadget Review, we use our expert shoe reviews to find exactly what is going on in the footwear world…and how very cool it can be. For example, the big new trend is smart shoes that include sensors which can help you with all kinds of fitness lifestyles, especially if you like to track your steps taken or have your shoes buzz to give you directions when walking unfamiliar streets. Lenovo concept shoes are even experimenting with small screens planted right into the shoe to show heart rate, calories burned, and other types of information.

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Of course, there's more to high-tech shoes than sensors. The best shoes include options that use the latest nanomaterials for extra comfort from the likes of Adidas and Nike, or provide you with cool features like high heels that change color when you tap the shoes together. Yes, all these shoes really exist, and you can find out more about them by reading Gadget Review and finding our what our experts have to say.