Satellite Radio Reviews For 2019

If you are looking for the best satellite radio in order to upgrade your old device, read Gadget Review for the latest news and expert satellite radio reviews. We can help you analyze your current service plan, take a look at the latest options, and see what you really want when it comes to radio channels and extra features. If your radio dates back to a time when Sirius and XM were separate companies, it’s definitely time for you to get a new device.

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Satellite radios do indeed use satellites to beam radio channels directly into these mobile radios, which are usually installed in cars. The satellite transmission (as opposed to radio waves) is why you can access hundreds of channels, many of them specialized. However, in recent years satellite radio has received a lot of competition from free streaming services (think Pandora and Spotify). If you are still considering a new satellite radio, it's time to take a close look at both today's plans and the alternatives before you make a purchase decision.